Bizarre Truth Of Yoast SEO Vs The SEO Framework to choose the Best

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Optimising the content for the search engines and readers became very difficult after the millions of websites born. Now you have to work very hard if you want to get your website on the top search page results.You have to keep in mind that only Search Engine Optimization is not enough to rank higher and also you have to attract the readers.

We know that Google is continuously changing its algorithm and now it is going to the reader-friendly content.There are some brilliant Optimization techniques which will boost up your search traffic. You just have to experiment with those techniques and you will notice the analytics difference.

Once you take the help of an SEO analyst or SEO plugins you will learn basic SEO methods.WordPress has thousands of plugins in the WordPress directory. Every day most of the plugins joining the WordPress family. We have multiple SEO plugins in the WordPress directory.

Among those, the Yoast SEO plugin is the most downloaded plugin which has 7 Million+ active installations.Because of its ultimate options and features, Yoast stands top in the SEO plugins list. We have a tough competition between the Yoast SEO and All in one SEO pack plugins.

Some bloggers suggest SEO plugin by squirrly to optimize the content for search engines. And also we have another one of the best SEO plugins known as the SEO framework.These are few SEO plugins which used by millions of the users. Now let’s compare the Yoast SEO plugin with the ultimate SEO framework.


Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most downloaded plugins from all the plugins directory. And it is the most downloaded SEO plugin across the world.As per the update, Yoast SEO has 7 Million+ solutions all over the world. 7 Million people believe that Yoast SEO plugin is best for SEO solutions.

So as we know every new blogger or new WordPress user will install the Yoast SEO plugin. It is simple but it has unlimited features. Yoast SEO plugin will not only help you to write the optimised content but also it helps you to write the correct format content. If you are a better writer then you don’t have to worry about readability in your content.



And if you are a beginner and you want to take some suggestions then you must install Yoast SEO plugin.The plugin will help you to write the beautiful content by suggesting some useful tips. You have to do while writing your content you have to follow the plugin instructions.

Until you become a better writer you need to take instructions from this plugin. It will also index your pages and you can submit the sitemap to the plugin.It has some amazing job to submit your site’s sitemap to search engines.The Yoast SEO plugin is available in both the free and premium versions. While similar to the premium version we will get the maximum features in the free version.

You don’t need paid version if you are a beginner. This is the best thing about the free version Yoast SEO plugin. You can get maximum features in both the versions.But the premium version can allow you to focus on multiple keywords. While in the free version you can only focus on a single keyword. The plugin is like a school for the beginners which will teach you from beginning to end.

We can compare the plugin with other SEO plugins in the terms of snippet but this plugin stands alone in the terms of writing experience.It will suggest you write the best content and in the best format which will attract both the visitors and search engines.


The SEO Framework

The plugin occupied 1% of installation in the WordPress plugin directory. The plugin easy simple and easy to use which 40000 + people liked.Most of the bloggers use this plugin and they say that it is one of the best alternatives to Yoast SEO plugin. The plugin is light and very simple to use.

The plugin is especially for Non-SEO Experts. That means if you are a beginner then you need this plugin.And unlike Yoast SEO plugin this plugin will not force you to Limit your writings. Yoast SEO plugin will force you to Limit your writings.

If you are an intermediate a blogger or an advanced blogger then you may go with the SEO framework.This plugin saves your time and only suggest you choose the best title and meta description with the focus keyword.This plugin will only suggest you pick a different title and description which is SEO friendly. Only if you are a very good writer with perfect sentences then you can go with this plugin.

So many people migrated their SEO plugin from Yoast SEO to The SEO framework plugin. The reason why they migrated their SEO plugin is to create an awesome title and meta tags.The plugin is very simple, light and very easy to use. Anyone can use this plugin irrespective of plugins knowledge. This plugin will also support to submit sitemaps like other SEO plugins. You have to submit the sitemaps to search engines.


Installation & Settings

The installation of both the plugins is very easy. You Just have to download the plugins from WordPress plugin directory and then activate it.Once you activated the plugins then you have to do some basic settings in both of the plugins. First, you need to submit the sitemap and you need to change the basic settings.

In Yoast SEO plugin settings we have to complete 12 steps before doing anything. All you have to do is you have to follow the plugin directions and you can see the Complete guide how to set up Yoast SEO plugin settings in WordPress.

The SEO framework plugin will help you to change the settings in layout, performance, Canonical, and sitemaps. You can choose the title separator in both the plugins.In SEO Framework plugin you can choose to display your site name at the left or right which is not available in Yoast SEO plugin. You can also remove the blog name from the title in both the plugins.



Everything it comes in the snippet preview it will show you the preview of search results page. As we know post SEO plugin will show you the search results preview page with maximum features.It will suggest you write some perfect paragraphs with meaningful and short length sentences.

While in the other case The SEO Framework plugin will suggest you choose the best title which has the power of attracting the visitors.And both the plugins suggest you choose unique URL of the post which will do the better job of driving real traffic.


1. Yoast SEO

Here is the preview snippet of Yoast SEO plugin which is very rich and which offers more depth information about Optimization and as well as readability.You have to make it all green if you want to satisfy the plugin. That means you have to follow all the instructions given that the plugin in order to completely optimise your content.

It is strictly for the beginners who don’t have any knowledge about Search Engine Optimization. It will also help you to improve your writing skills and writing format. Yoast SEO plugin will make you a beautiful writer for the beginner.

The preview Bar contents SEO title, URL, meta description, and Focus keyword. That means you will see the preview of your blog post title and URL of your post.

The search engines will display in the format of title following by the URL and under that, you will have the description. This is the basic format of search engine page visibility.


This is not a simple title of your blog post but also it is the SEO title of your blog post. It means this is the optimized title of your blog post which contains keywords.The focus keywords must appear in the title of the blog post to enhance and improve your search results.

The content should be optimised in every format of Optimization in order to make a strong SEO post. The title should be interesting and catchy.The Yoast SEO plugin will allow you to write up to 65 characters in the title which is greater than the SEO Framework plugin.

The interesting title should be in between 7 to 12 words. There are so many statistics which say about post title length and writing length. Once you’re done with the perfect title which attracts the visitors then you have to go to the URL.


The uniform resource locator is a specific address to a certain page or post.That means whatever the post for whatever the page you have in your website must contain an address known as URL or slug.

The plugin will allow you to write the URL up to 40 characters. This is the maximum characters level in the plugin.Beyond this, it won’t be good for SEO health. The URL of the post plays an important role in search engine traffic. The optimised URL will begin to gain the traffic from the search engine which is considerable.

Meta description

The content which displays under the title in the search engine page results is nothing but meta description. The plugin is updated and it increases the character length of the meta description.This is a very good move by the plugin and now you can write up to 300 characters or 50 words in the meta description area. The perfect optimised meta description with the keywords will get you the better results in search traffic.

Most of the people look for the title and then they go with the meta description. The meta description should be attractive and it shall be the summary of your entire content.

Focus keyword

This is the best part of the plugin. The plugin is very creative and it has unlimited features compared to other plugins. In this plugin, you can choose a focus keyword for the content which is the search keyword.

In the free version you can choose only one focus keyword but in the premium version, you can choose up to 5 keywords. Once you selected the keyword and then it will start displaying your keyword Strategies and keyword density.It will show you the keyword analytics where you have used the keyword and how many times you take the advantage of Keyword.

This is the best technique of Search Engine Optimization where you have to choose the perfect keyword for your blog post.There are so many free tools which will suggest you take the perfect keyword for your blog post. You have to search for the keyword and you have to check the value of keyword before going to use it in your blog post.

Look the competition of keyword and then delete searches of Keyword. You must have the knowledge about short tail keywords and long tail keywords. (Short tail vs long tail keywords which one is better for SEO ranking)

2. The SEO Framework

Here is the review snippet of the SEO framework WordPress plugin. And here you will have the option of choosing the best title and description with URL to your blog post.Unlike Yoast SEO plugin this plugin will not suggest you anything about writing. If you are an intermediate blogger with good writing skills and good writing format then you can go with this plugin.

The best thing about this plugin is it will save your time and it won’t resist you from writing the best topic.

You can explore whatever you want and the plugin will leave you free without forcing you to write the suggested content format.If you are a beginner and you are not export in SEO then you should go with the Yoast SEO plugin unless you are a brilliant writer.

Like in the picture you will have the option of only choosing the title and meta description to your blog post. You won’t have the option of choosing the focus keyword in this plugin.You will not see any green or red bullet about writing the content. As we know this plugin is very simple and very light to use.

Post title

The plugin will allow you to write up to the 50 characters in the post title which is less than the characters of Yoast SEO plugin.The original title characters length in the search engine visibility is up to 65 characters. The maximum length of the characters which Yoast SEO plugin will support is 65 characters.

But as per the Analytics, the number of people show interest to click on short and sweet titles. That means they like to click on the titles which have 55 to 60 characters.If you want to know the exact length of the post title then go with d search results page and then know the length of that post title.

If you take the example of the picture shown below the first search result has 58 characters in the title. And the second one which has 63 characters in the search page preview but it has more length which is cropped on the page.It has the total of 74 characters which is up to 15 words in the title of the post. This is how you can choose the best title length for your blog post.

The recommended length of the post title is 55 to 62 characters. Or in the Words, it can be 8 to 13 words.

Post Description

Here in this plugin, you can see the post description bar. The post description is nothing but the meta description which allows you to choose up to 155 characters which are perfect.But if you notice the used SEO plugin will provide twice of the characters extension in the description. That means you can take up to 300 characters in The Yoast SEO plugin whereas here you can provide the description of 155 characters.

This is a downside of this plugin compared to Yoast SEO plugin. These are the two editable bars you can see in the SEO Framework plugin.

In the visibility section, you will have to provide a URL to the blog post.It will be better if you provide a short URL in this Canonical URL section which will reflect the address of your post.You can also apply no-index to this post that means you can turn off the page from displaying in the search results page.

The No-follow link will tell the search engines not to follow any links in the post. And you can turn off the cache copy of this post by enabling no-archive to the post.


So this is the main comparison between the two WordPress SEO plugins. Most of the beggars migrating their plugin to SEO Framework in order to get more search results than previous. You can read this article Is The SEO Framework the Best Free SEO Plugin?

This is how the plugins perform the better job in their respective ways. According to me if you are a beginner then Yoast SEO plugin will be the best option for you and if you are a good writer then you can go with the SEO frameworks.

The plugin has over 40000 installations which are growing day by day and all the users satisfied with the plugin.

Bottom Line

Use yoast seo plugin if you are a beginner and go with the seo framework if you have good writing skills & format


Final words

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