Yoast SEO vs All in one SEO pack vs SEO Squirrly plugins comparision

Yoast SEO vs All in one SEO pack vs SEO Squirrly plugins comparison

Yoast SEO vs All in one SEO pack vs SEO Squirrly

WordPress is the largest and highest used blogging platform. As we know WordPress has thousands of plugins and the number of themes which will help us to develop our website. And there are so many plugins which will help to optimize your blog.

And now we are going to see Yoast SEO vs All in one SEO pack vs SEO Squirrely comparison.

Every Plugin has its own compatibilities and features. None of the plugins will affect another plugin but you should use one plugin.

To avoid confusion and cross optimization you have to make sure you are using a single plugin to optimize your blog or website. As a WordPress user, you will get some best SEO plugins to use.

Out of all the SEO plugins, we have Yoast SEO with highest downloads and All in one SEO pack plugin at second following Yoast.

But if you don’t know let me tell you that SEO Squirrly is also one of the best SEO plugins we have in WordPress. It is officially recommended by the top marketer Neil Patel and Backlinko.

So Now let us compare these 3 SEO plugins to know which will be the better option for your blog.


1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO vs All in one SEO pack vs SEO Squirrly plugins comparision

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Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO plugins as we know. This is the plugin which has over 5M+ installation all over the World. The features and the options this plugin has is unlimited.

You will get Maximum results with this plugin for your blog.

For the better optimization and to drive original traffic then we should follow any SEO techniques. If you are a beginner then you have to take the help of some plugins.

Yoast SEO vs All in one SEO pack plugins comparison, better one?

Yoast SEO is not too complicated to use and in fact, it is easy to use.

The features include in Yoast SEO plugin are sitemap indexing and enabling your website’s index to search engines. This is the only plugin which has the number of settings to do before you use.

The basic settings include enabling your search console code in search engines. While comparing with other plugins this plugin hands rich snippet and rich settings page.

If we talk about some specializations all three plugins have their different settings in the basic settings page. So we can compare only snippets and performance.


Generally, you can see the exact preview of search results in the Yoast SEO snippet preview. The preview will show you the exact character length of a title. If you search anything in search engines then you will get the results.

You can enable your blogger title here are you can disable it. If you leave the SEO title section empty then the default title will appear with the tag of your blog title. And also you can provide a custom or Canonical URL to your post with the keyword.

Meta description

The search engines will care about meta descriptions of your blog posts. So every time you publish a post you should make or provide a good meta description.

The meta description is nothing but the summary of your post. Yoast SEO will give you the exact length of the meta description space. All you have to do is you have to place the keyword in the meta description.

Additional features of Yoast SEO include the suggestions. The plugin will suggest you keep the keyword in the right place how to use the internal links.



2. All in One SEO Pack

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The next plugin which has the highest downloads followed by Yoast SEO plugin is ‘All-in-one SEO Pack‘ plugin. The second SEO plugin which crossed 1 Million downloads is ‘All in one SEO pack’.

If you ever understand the spelling of the plugin name then you may know that it defines All the SEO pack plugin features. All in One SEO pack plugin will come with the best SEO options out of the box.

This is the plugin which can optimize your post for search engines and this will be the best plugin for the beginners and as well as intermediate bloggers.

Yoast SEO vs All in one SEO pack vs SEO Squirrly plugins comparision

The snippet will look like this and this is followed by many options to make any changes and settings. You can see the live preview of search results on how to display.

The features include in the plugin is indexing and enabling the sitemaps. The sitemaps are the destination locators which will show your site to the search engines.

You can also enable/disable the SEO to the particular posts while you are going to publish the posts.

The all your content will not be optimized and won’t be shown to the Google or any other search engines to display.


The title length must be enough to read and to understand. To know the exact length of the title which will appear on search results we have to take some examples.

After you search for something on search engines it will show you the title, URL and meta description. The plugin will make your typing as simple as possible by suggesting the length of the title.

Meta description

The meta description will be the description which is below the title. All in one SEO plugin will suggest you keep the simple description of limited characters. You have to satisfy the plugin by changing the lights into Green.

In addition, the plugin will allow you to enable non-index on the page or post. The simple things about no index or non-index are your post or images won’t be indexed on search console. You can also disable the SEO to some certain pages like Guest post or Giveaways.

depth and easy for beginners

3. SEO Squirrly

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SEO by Squirrly is also one of the best SEO WordPress plugins we have. The plugin is very easy to use and to maintain. Any beginner can learn a lot from this plugin with simple techniques.

It will help all the beginners and intermediate bloggers to do well in optimizing the blog.

As they said, the plugin is for those who are non-experts in SEO. So this is the plugin which will help the beginners to make themselves as advanced users.

The Famous marketer Neil Patel said, “Squirrly is more than SEO tool and it’s a complete content marketing suite for the bloggers”.

This plugin will make your content SEO friendly and as well as human-friendly. As search engines changed the algorithm they are now caring about reader-friendly content.

How to use Squirrl SEO plugin for your blog optimization



The SEO Squirrly is the highest recommended SEO plugin after these two major SEO plugins. But the people who love using this won’t go with any other plugin suggestions.

This is the only plugin which can provide no copyright images while writing the content. You will also get the keywords suggestions and you will know the keyword density while writing the content.

You started writing and you choose the keyword and at a certain point, the plugin will show you the green light. That means you are doing right in writing your content.

You can choose the copyright free images to show in your content. This is the best thing which can save you time ultimately. You don’t have to worry about the free images to use.


In this plugin, the title will be 75 characters in length. That means the search engine will show your title in the length of 75 characters. While writing the title you will have the option to display a block title at the end of the post title.

The plugin will suggest you choose 75 characters for the better preview of search engine results. You can keep your title as simple as you can in the length of the limited characters.

Meta description

In the snippet, you will see the meta description editor just below the SEO title editor. The meta description can be 165 characters length depending on your content type. This means the plugin will suggest you keep the characters a good length.

While some plugins will limit this length to 140 characters. The best thing about the plugin is you can choose multiple keywords in the meta. The snippet is easy and simple to use. All the plugins will provide social media editing snippet before you publish the content.

Make sure that you have selected the correct thumbnail and your title is catchy before you hit the publish button.

simple and very easy to beginners

So these are the comparison of the three top SEO plugins in WordPress. According to your content and your experience you can choose any one of these plugins. Yoast SEO plugin will be the best plugin if you are a beginner but have some SEO knowledge.

All in one SEO pack plugin will be the better for those who are good at SEO but need some help. And the SEO Squirrly will be the correct choice for those who are zero at SEO skills. So according to your experience and need, you can go with any of the plugins.


Final words

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