Xiaomi Pistons review is Out Now: A Special class of Earphones

Xiaomi Pistons review is Out Now: A Special class of Earphones

Xiaomi Pistons review

Xiaomi is giving the best as much as they can in every gadget industry. As we know Xiaomi Mobiles are making huge profits and making highest selling devices. Xiaomi Pistons review is out now and you will love it.The headphone world is a large place where you can find the maximum number of branches. At lower price levels, you may have better earphones but not the best.

If you want the best sound experience then you can go with the best price but they are expensive.There are some best wireless earphones you can get online for the moderate price. Xiaomi is stepping forward compared to other companies while manufacturing the devices.

Under 10$, you cannot get the better-built quality than Xiaomi earphones. It’s all about design quality and the working which made Xiaomi Special in the market.


Xiaomi Piston Earphones

1. Xiaomi piston earphones are improved 3rd generation balancing optimized front cavity. This will boost up the audio treble quality in the earphones. The best thing about the Xioami earphones is their bass performance.

2. Every Xioami earphone will give you the best bass quality in the boosted sound. The CNS fidelity grade metal chamber with Zircon sandblasting process which will protect earphones from Dust and Scratch.

3. You will get two extra earbuds of different size with the package. The quality of these earphones is simply amazing, even without taking price point into account.

4. The pistons are mostly built out of beryllium alloy. The feeling of the earphones wins ear will give you the solid presentation. Cable length is also good and has premium look.

5. Even the build quality is good the L/R Marking is bad. Not only with the Xiaomi Mobiles, it workes perfectly with other earphones too.

6. The sound Quality is very good and it is giving its best in high volume too. We can say that the                               Sound Quality is excellent. Extra design and good premium look we have with the earphones and its also in the pro section.

7. The Noise isolation implementation is good and fits into the earphones. For the price range, the quality of the earphones is simply amazing and worth to buy.

                                                              Get Xiaomi Piston Earphones

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Xiaomi Pistons






Sound Quality







  • Great Sound Quality
  • Premium design
  • Built Quality
  • Price


  • No L/R Proper indication
  • Good Bass but not best

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