The New WP Avatar plugin for Gravatar without website login

The New WP Avatar plugin for Gravatar without website login

Setting Gravatar is easier than ever and it allows you to use any photos uploaded into your Media Library. There are so many plugins which will allow you to set the Gravatar and then you can make it default.

Attracting your users with avatars has become a brilliant step in web publishing. Gravatar is a graphical representation of a user to represent whether he may be user or owner of the site.

It could be the person’s picture or a random icon they want to show on their website. Each user had their own profile so he could easily add a picture to the profile.

Gravatar stands for globally recognized Avatar. It is globally recognized why because millions of websites owners use them.

Even if you are a blogger on non-blogger or businessman you need gravatar to be recognized by the world. Most of the WordPress themes come to the gravatar option where you can add your picture.

But some plugins don’t have the option to show the gravatar. Most of the people (beginners) don’t know about gravatar and day confuse about this.

Now here is the article which is going to deal with the plugin and with this you can easily add the gravatar without any coding or websites. And the plugin is known as WP Avatar.

WP Avatar

The plugin is designed to use any picture from your Media Library as the avatar instead of gravatar. You can use any photo from your Media Library and make it as the default Avatar of your website.

You don’t have to open the new website and you don’t have to select the new picture as the Gravatar. It will be some difficult and take some time to affect the changes.

For the new bloggers or the beginners, it will be the most difficult task to complete if they don’t know about Gravatar.

WP Avatar is the new plugin for the WordPress family and it is up to date. The plugin has less than 10 installations and compatible with the new WordPress version.

Installation and settings


After you downloaded and activated the plugin you just have to go to the users and your profile.

You cannot edit the settings of this plugin through the plugins settings area. Before activating the plugin you can see that you don’t have the option of choosing the custom avatar when you click on the profile picture.

As you can see in the picture you have to go to another website called gravatar. After reaching the website you have to select your avatar from the website and you have to upload the new pic.

This will allow you to select the avatar as the gravatar and by the ratings, you can choose from here. You need a separate account to log in to the website.

As you can see you have the option to select the avatar from the below section after activating the plugin. You are going to select the picture from your media library and set it as the gravatar picture. Just scroll down to the page and then you will find an option to select the avatar from the Media Library.

Choose an image from the media library and then upload it after uploading your profile click on the update profile to change the custom Avatar. Now, this will be your custom gravatar for your website.

So this is how you can upload the custom Avatar to your website without login into any website. Download and activate the plugin and then you will find the option to select the avatar. You cannot see the option if you deactivate the plugin and you can check it.


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