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Top 15 Tips for Keeping Safe Your WhatsApp Account

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Whatsapp Safety Tips

Whatsapp safety – Do you sknow which app of your smartphone is popular and fast? It is WhatsApp, and truly it is deserving. With this app, communication is so easy that you have no second thought about using other apps. Every user loves the app for its user-friendly features and simple design.

It works smoothly even in low connection. When you are in a hurry or on holiday, if you want to send photos urgent – it is WhatsApp that you will use. But as it is an internet-based app, there is a 100% chance to get hacked.

If you are not careful, your all data will be out there. Ever heard of WhatsApp sniffer? Well, this program is made for only to hack others WhatsApp account.


How to secure WhatsApp?

There ways to hack WhatsApp account, and you have to know the ways and solution to keep your account safe (whatsapp safety). Gulp the tips given below, they really work!!


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lets see it brief,


1. Avoid using Whatsapp in WiFi

As this app is web-based and not secured, so it is easy to get hacked through wi-fi and IMEI number. If possible try to avoid using WhatsApp on Wi-Fi.
Maximum smart device except blackberry can’t give security in using WhatsApp. So wi-fi network is a big no for WhatsApp. But in case of emergency if you have to use WhatsApp on wi-fi, then clear all the conversations from chat option. Don’t worry the media file will stay safe on your phone.
As for IMEI, it is easy to get the information from the phone. So don’t give your phone to any strangers. Try to keep your phone safe with you.


2. Always use Official Whatsapp- Avoid Mod

You will see kinds of personal tool that supports WhatsApp. Official WhatsApp is recommended. It is safe and secured. Don’t use any moded whjatsapp apk. It lead to get hacked.


3. Turn on Security Notification

Always keep the security notification on. This is for your whatsapp safety. When a new laptop or phone wants to get access to the WhatsApp chat, you will get a security notification. The code you will get is to verify your identity. You can get the notification on from the WhatsApp settings option.


4. Two Step Authentication

If your WhatsApp allows the two-step verification, you have to do it right away. These steps ensure the top security of your WhatsApp account. In the verification steps, you have to set up a six-digit pin number and an email address to recover the code in case you forget or lost the pin number. Why is this two-step verification recommended? Because there is no system to keep the WhatsApp protected with a password.


5. Never Backup Your Whatsapp Data’s In Cloud

Often you will see that WhatsApp backs up all the chats in the google drive or iCloud. It is for keeping your old chat safe if your WhatsApp account gets disabled for many reasons. But the thing is the backup messages are not encrypted, so the chance of losing privacy is 98%. So it is better to disable this option.

6. Be-aware Of Whatsapp Scam

Be careful from any kind of scam. Sometimes you may get emails, messages about WhatsApp premier option. But remember that WhatsApp doesn’t send any emails or chats about any offer. Don’t get scammed by clicking the links. Don’t accept any kinds of files or photos from an unknown number.


7. Deactivate the Account when phone get lost-whatsapp safety

If you lose your phone, make sure you have deactivated your WhatsApp account. Block your number as WhatsApp activates with the phone number only.


8. Don’t share Financial and Personal Data’s

Don’t share any kinds of personal and super confidential information through WhatsApp. Use some common sense.


9. Turn-of Last seen Status

Keep your last seen activity private. Because if the hacker knows about your online activity, it gets easy to hack your account easily. So, keep your account in your control and always log out from the account when you are done.


10. Avoid Promotional content in Whatsapp

Whatsapp is most efficient way to promote the product. Each and every Companies spend more to buy our whatsapp contact and data’s  to promote their product. So, its better to avoid Promotional contents like free offers , free surveys , giveaways and more in whatsapp.

11. Block DP to Unknown Numbers

You can block your profile picture to avoid contacts of unknown numbers. This will also keep you offline to another account.


12. Watch your words

Always remember that your whatsapp call may be recorded by someone. So, don’t use any words that lead to problem. Watch your words while speaking in whatsapp call.


 13. Logout Your whatsapp

Now whatsapp is available in both PC and Mobile version. 50% of users use both version. PC version has more chance to hack, its good to logout your PC Version when done.


14. Double Check the Encryption

We all know that WhatsApp converts the chat in codes and it is by default. Sometimes you may need to double check if the encryption is properly done or not. It is important because sometimes you may need to share a credit number for personal reasons.
To verify the encryption, you have to tap the encryption setting of the contact. You will see a pattern of 40 digit which is the security code. You can scan the code with QR code or check it manually to make sure.


15. Stop sharing content that are not knowledgeable

Whatsapp is filled with both good and bad.  we dont know whether the news shared in whatsapp is true or not. So, stop sharing contents in whatsapp which are not knowledgeable to you.

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Final words – whatsapp safety

As hacking WhatsApp account with WhatsApp sniffer is easy to try to follow the above steps to keep your WhatsApp account secured. WhatsApp is easy to operate to chat and call, so people tend to use this easy-going app.And in the end, they make the blunder mistake by giving confidential information and lastly loos all the privacy. So when you are using any web-based app make sure you have taken enough steps to keep your account safe and secured.

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