Hybrid sim slot adapter

What is Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter ? Pros and Cons How to Use

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Hybrid sim slot adapter

Majority mobile phones except few are coming with the feature of Hybrid sim slot.  Phones with 32/64/128 GB internal storage can manage easily without using an SD Card so they can use Dual SIM.

But people having phones with 16 GB internal storage needs to use SD Card if they are a heavy user of Storage Space. But what if your phone is out of storage and you are using Dual SIM and both are important?

Hybrid sim slot adapter which allows using 2 Sim memory card simultaneously. So nowadays these hybrid sim slot adapters are becoming very famous. Now almost all mobiles are coming with hybrid sim slot.

They are giving good internal storage and they are eliminating the memory card slot. To customize the mobile for the sake of removable battery and to ease design, they are giving hybrid sim slot


How to Use Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter 

Now let’s see how to use Hybrid sim slot adapter in the proper and if you are the first time user then you have to maintain some proper tips so you can keep your mobile sim slot safely.


Step – 1 Prepare Adapter and Sim tray of mobile with Two sim cards and a Memory card

In the first step, you have to set up all the things. A memory card and 2 SIM cards. So prepare these three with hybrid sim slot adapter. After setting these three together then you have to move to the next step.


Step – 2 Place Memory card and a Sim adapter carefully 

Now, place the memory card and sim card in hybrid sim slot adapter then you have to move on to the next step that is placing the hybrid sim slot adapter in mobile slot.


Step – 3 Adjust the adapter in Sim tray as shown in figure 

No carefully adjust the SIM slot adapter in mobile SIM tray. Don’t to hard push, give a little pressure to set up the hybrid sim slot adapter in your mobile.

Step 4 Now Keep this slot in your mobile very carefully, Don’t panic it works 🙂 

Now keep this sim slot adapter completely duo mobile sim tray and then wait for some time until it is useful signals then you can see both the SIM cards and a memory card working properly. Be careful while you’re setting up the SIM slot adapter in the sim tray

For step by step setup with images click here



Mobile phones with good storage don’t need this hybrid sim slot adapter. But, if you are a good photographer and you need more storage then you can use this hybrid sim slot adapter.

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It will take battery extra charge and you will have to donate some battery for this, for good battery mobiles this is not a con.

This is how you have to set hybrid sim slot adapter to your mobile and you can use two sim cards and memory card simultaneously.

There are so many rumors that hybrid sim slot will burn up or it will heat up there is nothing like that the only problem with the hybrid sim slot and arteries it will consume little more battery power. Apart from this everything is fine with the hybrid sim slot adapter.


Final words

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