The Top Face washes in India ranked from Worst to Best

Top Face washes in India

If you are still new to the skincare world then you have to care for your skin all over your body. In this generation, we are getting free cosmetics with the cream itself.

That means you are going to destroy yourself in order to protect your skin from cosmetics. Moisturizing is one of the healthy tips to encourage your healthy skin.

Coming to face skin, it should always the best priority and you have to be little more careful about your healthy skin.

To protect your skin from Dangerous cosmetics from the atmosphere you have to use some moisturization and sunscreen lotions when you are outside.

But when you reach home, you have to clean your face to remove the dust particles on your face. The generation is changed from using soaps on the face to using face wash.

Now, in India, we have the number of face washes available in the market or in online.

Here is the list of top 10 face washes available in Indian market which we think they are ‘safe’ but actually they are not. I figured only famous brands in order to explain to you which face wash has a lot of chemicals.

In this list, we are going backward and ranked from worst to best.


Lakme face wash, Fair & Handsome, and Nivea

The Top Face washes in India ranked from Worst to Best

Basically, there are some harmful toxic chemicals which available in face washes like sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, Polyquaternium-6, propylene glycol, methylparaben and so many.

We all know that Lakme face wash is quite famous in the Indian market and most of the people using it. But in the content of using toxic chemicals which face wash stands top. The toxic chemicals are highly present in this face washes.

Adding to the list we have Ever youth, Pears, and Joy. In all these face washes we have more than 10 toxic chemicals which are not at all good for a healthy skin, especially for the face.

Paraben, sulfate, and alcohols are highly present in this face washes and you can see them their ingredients list.

So these are the worst face washes available in Indian market and if you are using one of them then try to avoid completely.


Garnier Men, Fair & Lovely, Ponds, and Clean & Clear

The Top Face washes in India ranked from Worst to Best

Coming to next category we have the Neutral face washes which are not worst and not good too. You can think of using this either to use or not.

If your skin is good and not affected by these face washes then you may continue them. But I highly recommend to avoid these and use natural face washes for healthy skin even in future.

And when we talk about the chemicals in this face washes we will get the neutral harm and neutral good.

The chemicals in this face washes are Glycol distearate, Polyglyceryl, Citronellol, Panthenol and more. While you are purchasing these face washes from the market then properly check these ingredients.

These face washes are free from sulfates and which is a very good point to choose these face washes but these have 5 to 7 toxic chemicals. And also these face washes have cosmetic colors.

These are not completely safe to face but these are far better than the first category.

 Garnier Men

Fair and Lovely


Ayush and Himalaya

The Top Face washes in India ranked from Worst to Best


These are also famous brands for the face washes and most of the people think that Himalaya is free from cosmetics and Chemicals. But the fact is you can’t find its complete ingredients on the package.

And this is true that they hide most of the ingredients they use to make this face washes. If these are truly organic then why they have to hide the ingredients list.

These companies only mention 10% to 30% of their complete ingredients in the ingredients list back side of the product. And you can also see that these products are not completely free from harmful chemicals.

These products have Methylchloroisothiazolinone, and Methylisothiazolinone in their ingredients list.


Aroma Magic

The Top Face washes in India ranked from Worst to Best

Which is not a popular brand in India for the face wash but it is highly recommended face wash.

It doesn’t have any toxic chemicals not even soaps, artificial coloring, and fragrance. It is also the budget-friendly face wash available online.

Make sure that this is the perfect face wash for people who have oily skin. People who have dry skin may choose Rustic Art organic face wash.

It is made from the mixture of various oils which are very healthy like Neem Oil, Coconut oil, olive oil, Thulasi oil, vitamin E oil and more.

Shop Aroma Face Wash


So these are some of the face washes available in India which are toxic and which are organic. Don’t go with the face washes nearby you even if they are cheap and available easily.

Always use natural face washes and try to protect your skin from harmful chemicals. So decide which skin type your face has and choose the best face wash. But you have to avoid the category number 1 which are ranked worst face washes.


Final words

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