Top 5 Safe sites where you can download APK files free without playstore

We all know that Play Store is the biggest Android market platform where there are more than 2 million apps available. Paid apps and free apps both are uploading every day and downloading.

But the problem is Google Play Store requires more Ram to run ‘Google Play Store’ ‘Google Play services’ and also to install the app and to run. Yet, this largest Market provides safe apps and security compared to other.

There are some apps which are paid and we want to download for free. You can download that paid apps for free on some platforms.

Now coming to Play Store, as I said play Store needs a little bit heavy Ram to run and maintain the apps, so the best alternative to Playstore listed below.


APK Mirror is one of the best alternatives to the Play Store, APK mirror has millions of apps and games where we can download for free. It gives the best updates for every app and it has millions of views per day and millions of downloads per month.

APK mirror is free secure and the best site to download android app files that are APK files. So Download APK mirror and download apps for free. It has not only the apps it also has the millions of games. It is as simple as Google Play Store Click here to start APK Mirror.

Visit ApkMirror

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Here comes into the another best alternative to Google Play Store is APK for fun. Apk for fun is on old platform which has millions of products(apps and games) to download free.

This is also free, secure, reliable and fast. Everything is similar to Google Play Store like updates and reviews.  Lots of APKs available on this site and you must try it. APK 4 FUN.

Visit Apk4Fun

3. APK Pure

APK pure APK downloader app is officially released. With APK pure you can instantly download region locked that means which are not available in your country, free registered games and many other apps on Android devices.

Here you can Discover and install new games through APK pure app. You will never miss any updates from your favorite games by converting an APK pure notifications when your updates are available.

From simple and Card games to shooters and arcade games strategy RPG games everything is available in APK pure. It is lightweight but more powerful Android app store, it is a collection of self-contained, easy to install app management tools for Android voice ice Cream Sandwich to Nougat.

Visit APK Pure

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4. BlackMart

BlackMart Alpha is a market alternative to the Google Play Store for tablets and Smartphones with an Android operating system, from Blackmart you can download mini apps without accessing account and Google without the need for any kind of registration and permission.

The black market is very simple to use and offers many features to be able to download many applications. On this market, almost all applications are available for free download.

The Google Play Store is a very comprehensive application but unfortunately, on Google Play Store there are many paid apps. So the block market will clear this problem, just download the application Android there are no limitations.

Visit BlackMart

5. Android Free Download

With Android Free download, you can download the best free games from Android market only the best free Android application for Android tablet or Android phone available. And also you can download paid apps on Android themes.

Visit Android Free Download


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