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Top Ten New Trends In Online Dating

Online Dating Trends

Online dating is always changing. As such, it is important to understand the dating trends that are happening in online dating.

That way, you can get the most enjoyment out of the sites and find your match.

Without further ado, here are the top ten dating trends you can expect for online dating.




1. The Beginning of the Year Is The Most Active Time

The first dating trends that continues to amaze people is that the beginning of the year is the busiest time for dating sites. People have gotten through the holiday season and want someone to spend the rest of the winter with in most cases. They also want to have someone for Valentine’s Day.


2. People Want Fast Responses

In the modern age of online dating, people want love and they want it now. So, if you are spending time talking to a man or woman, they want a response in minutes, not hours.


3. A Trend Towards Instant Dating On Apps

Instant dating is the kind of match making that requires you to swipe one way or the other The impersonal dating format has been popularised in recent years, and it is not going away. While it is nice to save face and embarrassment, the fact is that you don’t actually get to know anyone.


4. Trending Towards Niches

Niche dating sites are becoming more common and popular. Dating sites for hookups, older people, and professionals are all gaining tremendous footholds in the realm of online dating. is a website that has branched into all sorts of niches to aid you in finding your match.


5. Dates Are Moving Towards The Daytime

You are not more likely to get a positive dating request for lunch than for dinner. People have families and responsibilities to handle at night, and it removes some of the expectations in the date. Next time, go out for soup and salad rather than lobster dinners.

6. There Is A Higher Desire For Educated Individuals

Online dating websites have seen an uptick in a desire for educated people. Aside from knowing that your date is smart enough to get through college, educated people tend to have better jobs.


7. A More Honest Look In Pictures

A few years ago, every woman had the “duck face” look with the dog ears filter as her profile picture. Now, there is a push to do away with the picture filters and to show off your real face. This more realistic view of people’s faces is seen as an honest way of starting the dating process.


8. Profiles Need Keywords-Dating Trends

You used to be able to write about anything in your profile, but science has had its say. Men are far more likely to get responses when they include words about being a great listener or being exceedingly positive. These “keywords” are almost a necessity for online dating.


9. Social Media And Dating Are Combining

More social media sites are combining forces with dating sites to provide more connections to a person’s life. The more interconnected a person is between their profiles, the more likely they will be to be an honest person in the mind of their date.


10. A Step Back To Old School Dating

More people are taking a leaf out of the older style of dating by meeting offline. That’s right; more people are using online sites to meet a person and then meeting them offline to date or have a hookup.


Final words

All in all, there are many dating trends in online dating that you should be aware of if you are dating. These are some of the most popular dating trends to watch out for, and there are always more changes to come.

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