The Professional editor TinyMCE Advanced plugin

The Professional editor TinyMCE Advanced plugin for WordPress

TinyMCE Advanced plugin

All it comes with the professional editing when you are maintaining an advanced blog. If you are writing perfect content and then you will know how hard it is to execute. While our WordPress is the most powerful tool to share our experiences with the readers and the internet.

You can write a beautiful post in the WordPress custom editor. Almost all features supported by WordPress with the help of plugins and CSS.

You can write the perfect post with the help of the simple WordPress snippet. But you have to install some plugins in order to make tables and to change the format of your content.

This will be some irritating because you have to install plugins for all the extra features we want to add.

But here the article comes with the beautiful plugin which will enable the professional editor in your WordPress snippet.

With the help of this plugin, you can insert tables and you can change the format of the content whenever you want with the single click and without plugins. And that plugin is known as TinyMCE Advanced plugins editor.


TinyMCE Plugin

First, download and install the plug-in from WordPress plugins area or you can download it from here. The TinyMCE Advanced plugin is developed to add, remove, and arrange the buttons which we can see on the visible WordPress editor toolbar.


The Professional editor TinyMCE Advanced plugin for WordPress


You can change the font sizes, font family text, background colors, and you can insert tables. It will also let you enable the editor menu that means you can add any affiliate links or external links.

The plugin itself has 15 plugins inside that means it will do the work which 15 plugins will do. You don’t have to install all those plugins instead you can install this single plugin which is very helpful.

With this plugin, you can also add some extra options like keeping the paragraph tags and adding page breaks. The plugin has updated a month ago and it will support the WordPress version 4.9 and it hits 2 + Million installations.



The Professional editor TinyMCE Advanced plugin for WordPress

You just have to download and install the plug-in then your WordPress snippet will have this plugin on the top of the toolbar. Now you can start editing the content with the advanced tools you have in the toolbar.

From this toolbar, you can create excellent tables and you can edit your content in terms of changing fonts and increasing size etc.

You can also add some interesting bullets instead of that boring one. So this is also the very good feature we can get in the plugin. The plugin is all set to create the impact of professional editing feel even for the beginners.

With the TinyMCE Advanced plugin will you can create the beautiful tables and you can make easy comparison tables. If you are a tech blogger then these tables will help you a lot to compare two or products.

Not only for the tech bloggers even any blogger can use these tables to reflect the beauty of comparison. I won’t say this is the best plugin to create comparison tables but can create the simple tables with the plugin.

You can make origin till lines in between the content and he can add page breaks. That means if you want to split your content into two or three pages then you can add page breaks.

Generally, the blogs with a lot of images and videos will use this feature to increase the Average visit page duration. But if you feel you want to make your content into multiple pages then you can add page breaks.

If you enable the visual blocks then you can see the separate visual block for every paragraph you have in the content. With this plugin, you can also see some new options like superscript and subscript.

Apart from all these options, I will recommend the TinyMCE Advanced plugin because of its excellent features by which we can create multiple tasks on our page.


Why TinyMCE Advanced plugin

If you are good with coding, HTML and CSS then you don’t have to worry about anything. But what if you don’t know these coding and you want to change the layout of your content.

I’m not talking about the content and talking about the page layout. Yes if you want to make a change to your page layout or blog layout then you don’t have to worry about coding now. And you don’t have to worry about every single plugin for every single editor. The visual editor comes with some amazing features like inserting tables and creating shortcodes.

You don’t have to mess up with the coding now. You can leave this work to this plugin which can save your time even better. This is the simple and the best visual editor plugin which has advanced features.

With this plugin will create the beautiful content with beautiful tables and formats. Don’t make your blog layout boring keep the changes and enjoy the result. You can use this simple plugin and you can make extra changes to the visual editor.


Final Words

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