AdSense rejected for Insufficient content

3 Things to Fix when AdSense rejected for Insufficient content

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AdSense rejected for Insufficient content

AdSense which is the world’s largest ad networking site for bloggers and YouTubers.

Most of the people like to display the Google ads on their blog or websites and they want to earn through advertising.

There are so many bloggers who are earning Millions per year and there are some bloggers who are struggling to earn money.

It doesn’t mean that if you have excellent traffic then you will get excellent revenue. It depends upon the number of visitors who click on your ads and the number of people who get action.

The Click through rate varies from place to place and if you are driving the maximum traffic from US and UK countries then you will get a good click-through rate.

If you are driving the maximum traffic from some countries where the dollar has the highest value then you will get low revenue.

And also it is not true that you cannot earn money without AdSense. There are so many ad networking sites which will pay you if you display their ads on your website.

But the truth is no ad networking site will pay you as much as Google does. And also Yahoo’s own advertising network is also best ad networking program which is giving competition to AdSense.

But it is not easy to get approved by which is also a leading and networking platform.

If you are driving more than 2000 visitors for a day you may get approved from tag networking site. But unlike Google AdSense will approve your application even if you are driving hundreds of visitors per day.

So this is the best move from Google AdSense which will approve your application even if you have less than a thousand visitors for a day on your blog.

But what if your application is rejected by Google AdSense because you are violating the community policies. And if you rejected by Google AdSense for so many reasons then you won’t get the perfect reason for the disapproval.

And if you get the disapproval for the reason of Insufficient content then trust me in the second attempt you will get approved. Keep in touch with this article until the end and then re-apply for AdSense and make sure that you corrected your mistakes.

Insufficient content means you don’t have enough content on your blog to get Google AdSense approval.

Even if you have hundreds of articles your AdSense rejected for Insufficient content. The reason why is you have hundreds of articles but you don’t have enough content in those articles.


Why AdSense?

Google AdSense is free and simple for website publishers to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their blog on websites.

Google AdSense is one of the best ways to make money online via blogging is displaying Google ads on your blog. Even we have so many Google AdSense alternatives we can’t show all the ads on our blog.

If we show too many ads then it will become a clumsy website which will distract the visitors. AdSense is a product from Google that allows us to show the meaningful and targeted ads on a blog.

Google AdSense is one of the best Monetization networks available in the world. So many people who are making thousands of dollars every day using AdSense.

You don’t have to choose the custom ads in the Google AdSense because Google AdSense will show the contextual ads and it will rotate the ads.

The Google AdSense ads are very rich and highest paying click-through rate. Google AdSense is a very contextual ad network which means that according to your website and according to your content Google will shift the ads on your blog.

If your blog is about technology then Google AdSense will show that gadgets on your blog. You don’t have to worry about the custom ads from the Google AdSense. The program will take care of your needs and type of ads.

Here is the screenshot of Harsh Agarwal’s AdSense earnings who is the founder of ShoutMeLoud blog. While even he doesn’t show more Google ads he is getting a very good profit.

No Ad network will pay you unless you have the quality content which will attract the thousands of visitors.

You have to go with the all possible techniques to drive traffic to your blog and then you have to focus on the content and readers.

Keep it in mind that you have to focus on the content and visitors. Once you focus on the content then it will attract the visitors if your content is reader-friendly and search engine friendly.

Once you start getting thousands of visitors per day then you don’t have to worry about money. All you have to do is writing the beautiful content. Now let’s move on to the topic.

Insufficient content

The insufficient content means your blog doesn’t have sufficient content which AdSense expects. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have enough articles on your blog.

There is a guy who got approval only with three blog posts. And even My friend got AdSense approval with 9 Blog posts only.

So you don’t have to worry about writing 50 or 100 articles. Even if you have 10 to 20 articles and also you will get Google AdSense approval.

The problem comes with the content. If you are violating the content then you have to forget about AdSense. Don’t go with the adult content and the content which is not secure.

Here are the 3 tips to do before applying AdSense once your AdSense rejected for Insufficient content.

You have to check the article length and then you have to check the format. And finally, we have to check the grammar of your content.


1. Article length

You have to check your article length on your blog. Most of the people suggest you write 300 words per article but it would be better if you write 400 words for an article.

That means you have to maintain at least 400 words in a single article. Most of the tech bloggers use to write only 350 + words on their blog. Length of the article is the first thing you have to keep it in mind.

All your content should be maximum in order to explain to the readers. You can’t get approved from Google AdSense if you have less content.

People would not like to keep in touch with your blog if you are not ready to explain beyond 400 words.

If you are a technological blogger then try to extract your content at least 400 words (2 Minutes).

And if you are a fashion blogger then you might go with your imagination and your creativity which can lead you to write up to 2000 words also.

And if you are a tutorial blogger then you should have to write at least 1500 words per an article. All it depends on your creativity and your patience to maintain the minimum word length.


2. Only Headings

This is where I rejected 4 times from Google AdSense. The reason Google explained to me for my application rejection is insufficient content.

Before this, Google AdSense rejected my application 5 times for crossing the community policies.

That means Google AdSense liked my application at the 10th attempt. In the span of 4 months, I applied 10 times for Google AdSense.

If your content has only headings without any description or paragraphs then that would be the reason why “AdSense rejected for Insufficient content”.

This is where most people got confused because they don’t have clarity about the exact rejection. If your article is full of with headings and subheadings without any explanation then you are out of AdSense site.

You can’t fool Google with the larger headings and without proper explanation. If you don’t want to leave the subheading empty then don’t take the use of headings.

Only the 400 words articles without any subheadings can also get AdSense approval because they meet the criteria of Google AdSense.


3. Quality Content

We know that quality is King. You should maintain the quality content instead of weak content. The quality content means not the rich topic but it is the topic you stick in the perfect manner.

Whatever the content you choose to write on your blog it must be rich enough to read. And also it should be easy enough to understand.

You have to maintain the perfect grammar, not exactly the perfect grammar it can be excellent grammar. It can be good grammar without any grammatical errors.

The first thing you have to remember is your content is in the language which supported by Google AdSense. And the next thing is, don’t use un proper listings for headings or sentences in your article.

The weak content will destroy the blogging growth and the quality content will get the visitors trust.

You don’t have to make any experiments in order to attract visitors but you have to maintain the perfect grammar which is easy to understand.

Make sure that the content is very unique and you explored it in your way which is the best.

Just relax before you are going to pick the topic then once you sure about the topic then do proper research. Never use bad language in your articles always use the best you can do.


Final words

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