The top 6 Best Redmi note 4 back covers you can buy today

The top 6 Best Redmi note 4 back covers you can buy today

Best Redmi note 4 back covers

You may hear about the best back cases and back covers to the mobiles. Like that today you are going to see some Best Redmi note 4 back covers in early 2018 you can buy.

Redmi note 4 is a highly successful mobile in 2017 and which stands at the top of best-selling mobiles.

Xioami never disappointed us with their mobiles and products in terms of the price and specifications too. The famous company has the ultimate growth in India as well as in Asian countries too.

All it comes with the care you show on mobiles after you started using them. So, before going to break your mobiles here are some best cases to protect your Redmi Note 4 Smartphone.


1. SmartBuy Back cover

The military based SmartBuy back cover is a thin layer back case to protect the Redmi note 4. The design of the back case is inspired by the military look which will be the strong protector.

You can get extra 5% off* if you are an Axis bank customer. You can buy this case in 6 to 8 different colors which feature a rugged grenade molded design. This is combined with the multiple layers and combines a glossy and TPU for the brilliant effect.

This is a Shockproof case which can protect the insulating materials from getting shocked. One of the best Best Redmi note 4 back covers in India.


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Pros & Cons:Double layer but heavy to open



2. REALIKE Back cover

This is the customized product from the REALIKE and 100% original case for Redmi Note 4. The back cover is sleek and slim with easy hold grip which is made of the high-quality material.

The Shockproof technology is introduced in this case and bumpers an anti-shock technology. It has the highest rating overall the protectors of Note 4. You can try this for the amount of 599/-.

Pros and Cons: The look and compatibility is good but the price is little high

                                                                                                 View/Buy at Amazon


3. Bracevor back cover Blue

This is not a just blue color but it is the Royal blue color and combination of the Rubber and Plastic. As it is offering 57% Off, in addition, you can get extra 5% cashback if you are an Axis bank customer.

Hold on, 

This is made of the high plastic material which is very strong and solid it looks. The rugged outer layer acts as the armor to the mobile and shield against bumps and scratches. The case comes with a quick hands-free stand which will be helpful to watch movies without strain on hands.


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Pros and Cons: Excellent outfit and design buy heavy



4. Bracevor Back cover Golden

This is also the product from Bracevor with the Golden color variant. This case also made with the Rubber and plastic combination which will be the hard touch of the case. This is the highest selling case and is now going to end the offer today.

The Bracevor Hybrid 360 rotating Kickstand back case will be helpful to watch YouTube and Movies. You can feel the hands-free mode with the help of this stand. As the Blue color variant, this has the rugged out layer which can act as the shield to the mobile to protect.

The outer shell extended with the edge protection with the safeguards. This case is simply easy to install and easy to remove.


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Pros and Cons: Excellent design simple in looks but the stand is smooth



5. Plastic SmartBuy Back cover

This is the plastic made back case which is easy to use and easy to fit on the mobile. The hard PC shell made of super protecting plastic keeps the phone safe from falls and bumps. The soft matte rubber coating protects the phone from getting friction scratches. Coming to the price this will be the good case who is going to buy the case below 250/- otherwise you can go with the first four options. 


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Pros & Cons: Budget case with the simple look but average quality



6. 33001 Note 4 Back Cover

This will be the better case if your budget is below 200/-. The back case made with the plastic and is available on Flipkart with the special price offer. You can save 10% if you buy two products together. The case is fashioned from multiple thermoacrylics, forming a case that is highly elastic and very simple in design. This is the oil resistant and corrosion resistant. The case is very simple in looks and lite in weight with the solid look.


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Pros & Cons: Simple in looks but poor in strength. 

These are some good back cases for Redmi Note 4 available on Amazon and Flipkart shopping sites. According to your budget and interest, you can choose anyone from the list. 


Final words

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