Best Gadgets under 300/- which will make your Smartphone Smarter

In this digital world, it is highly suggested to become as smarter as you can. And someone said that Humans and Smartphones are inseparable. It is true and now humans are looking for even more modern things and gadgets. So, here is the list of Best Gadgets under 300/- you can buy to use with smartphones.

This list is random and no order remained in the list. All the gadgets are available in online and offline as well. Smartphones and computer accessories very helpful to maintain the stylish look on the devices and to customise.

So take a look at these gadgets we shortlisted and decide which is perfect for your device.



1. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

It is the premium design wireless Bluetooth rugby speaker for any smartphone. You can get this device in so many colors and it is a dongle with the HDMI output. If you are a Music lover and you like to dance for the beats then this may be the best device under budget.

All you have to do is to connect this device which can cast pictures, music, and videos. You can connect this media with windows/android/ios/mac os to the big screen. 

Get Wireless Bluetooth @249/-


2. Bed Stand Holder

What will you do when you are tired of work and want to watch some important videos?. Well, you will postpone it when you are on the bed. Mobile may slip from your hand several times while you are using mobile on the bed. 

Now here is a solution for your mobile to stay sticky with the holder and not to slip from your hands and brake your nose.  This is the Lazy mobile holder which you can stick anywhere on the table or bed or any other surface to make yourself hands-free. 

What do you expect more than this if you use mobile at nigh times? The device is really cool and has the good positive response. The device is best to watch movies and even for the video calls. 

Get Bed stand Holder @249/-


3. Cell Phone/Tablet Stand

This is the ELV mobile holder desktop stand which can also be used for tablets. While you are on a Video call or you connected your smartphone with the computer as a webcam then this device is for you. The mobile holder will hold your mobile on the desk you have.

In case of Video calls and holding your mobile then you may try this mobile for sure. The mobile holder is simple with the design and has the aluminum outlook. The device supports the tablets up to 10.1 inches. 

The distance between mobile and the device is patched with the rubber which protects your mobile from scratches. 

Get Cell phone stand @299/-


4. Wall Mobile Holder

This has some special in the pack itself. The order will have 4 Pcs wall mobile phone holders. The good think about this mobile holders are it helps you while you are charging your phone.

Not all company smartphones will come with the long USB cables. The short cables will be difficult if you want to keep in railway/bus stops.

Here comes with the best smartphone holder which will hold your mobile while charging. Now, don’t worry about the length of your USB cable and just use this device (best thing is it will come with 4 PCs) near every charge slot.

Get Wall Mobile holders @299/-


5. 3D Virtual reality Glasses

The biggest achievement in the mobile technology is making the videos live and to fell real. The technology is developed by the VR glasses which feels us we are in the video.

The 360-degree videos are still the best when we use the VR glasses, Movies and Games now became even more beautiful when we use VR glasses. Most of the mobile phones support VR to give the real feeling.

The downside about the mobile phone is it only supports the mobile which has a 4.7-inch screen. This is the best VR glasses fro the small screen mobile phones in this price ratio.

Get VR Glasses @265/-


6. 360-degree Mobile Ring Holder

People who use mobile a lot need this gadget which is very useful to hold the mobile. This simple mobile ring holder comes with the handy design which looks very cool. 

The Mobile ring holder us Lightweight and ultra-thin made of premium zinc alloy and went through the number of manufacturing processes. Each corner of the finger ring is meticulously processed for more smooth and comfortable feel.

Just attach the Mobile ring holder at the back side of the mobile phone and then you can start using it. The ring holder has the capacity to hold any type of the mobile.

Get 360-Mobile Holder @299/-


7. Mini Portable USB LED Light

Most of the people use mobiles and laptops at night times. Mostly, Online workers, bloggers, YouTubers use gadgets a lot in night times. And When you have to turn off the light and then you can’t see the keyboard.

For the light issue and darkness, you have to use a table lamp for the light and it would be the power consumption. The most common failure about India is Powe Cut for any reason.

In this case, the portable USB LED light may help you. This is very easy to use and carry which is portable and can plug into any USB port.

Get Mini Portable USB Light @200/-


8. SBA USB 2.0 OTG Supported Micro SD

How it will be when you get 3 in 1 Gadget for the lowest price. In the case, here is the gadget which supports Pendrive, Memory card externally and can connect to any smartphone. If you want to use a memory card then you can use this gadget.

The gadget has the USB connector which can be used to connect MicroSD card and Pendrive simultaneously. This supports the USB 2.0 and can support Tablet and Mobiles.

The tool is very helpful to those who need good storage and want to use Pendrive and MicroSD card at a time. This may not be the best gadget but this is the best gadget in the price range.

Get USB 2.0 OTG Support @240/-


So, these are the best ‘Smartphone‘ gadgets under 300/- Indian Rupees. For any season and festival season, you may order these gadgets to gift your buddies or family. 

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