short tail vs long tail keywords

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Short Tail Vs Long Tail Keywords

Many people who are driving heavy organic traffic are focusing on keywords. Keywords are the primary terms to get your organic traffic.

Without proper keywords optimization, you can’t get organic traffic or search traffic so you should learn about tips to increase your blog traffic organically. So, Most of the people are searching for short tail vs long tail keywords.

Once you know what is the keyword and how it will play the major role in SEO then you will be able to understand the keyword Strategies and you can use them to drive traffic.

There are mainly short tail keywords and long tail keywords available. Simply, short tail keywords are the keywords with three or fewer words. Long tail keywords contain more than three words.

Now coming to learn about the keywords and their tips first, you should know about the short tail and long tail keywords.

What is a short tail keyword?

So, short tail keywords are the keywords with three or fewer words. Short tail keywords are the most famous and most searched ones.

They have several things working. If you want to drive heavy traffic then you have to use a short tail keyword if you are a famous blogger. The shortest keyword you use the more traffic you get.

There are some short tail keywords have very high competition. Some of them are


Short tail keywords


If you look these keywords and search then you will get maximum results over millions of page views and you will click only the top 10 of the search results. So, you have to work very hard to be listed in the top search results of the search page.

Usually, short tail keywords perform well and millions of the people go through their searches y using the short tail keywords.

So even if you are a new blogger then you can result in the search engines page if you use a correct keyword then trust me you will be the top ranked in search engine results.

There are certain things where short tail keywords have drawbacks in SEO. If you are a new blogger and you are writing an old topic then you cannot be a most searched blogger on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

What is a Long tail keyword?

Long tail keywords are the keywords with more than three words. This is the best keyword type if you are a new and famous blogger too.

Because of there are millions of page results for short tail keywords but there are mostly hundreds or thousands of page results for long tail keywords.

But, you have to remember that there are only thousands of people who search for long tail keywords unless they are looking for a complete guide.

Don’t panic here, even there are few people who search for long tail keywords then they will click on all the results they got on the search page.

There are only a few bloggers who gave the complete guide and they will use entirely their SEO title as a keyword.


short and long keywords


The chances of searching for these keywords are few but the clicks are high. The chances of searching with short tail keywords are millions but clicking is few. No one site which shows for every keyword they search.

This is how long tail keywords work for better SEO ranking until you post differently. So, write some unique posts and then automatically your site will be clicked for the long tail keywords.

Yoast SEO supports only one keyword in its free plan. But, this is the good thing for no cost and for new bloggers.

Which is better?

You know about all the keywords but the question is which one is to use on my blog to get high clicks. If you are the best teller about something and you know there are a lot of websites who already said about it.

The main difference between short tail keywords and long tail keywords are ‘search and impact’.

The volume of a short tail keyword is very high ad searches are also high. The impact of short tail keywords to your site is low but the impact of long tail keywords is high.

The cost to pay for short tail keywords are more but in where the amount to pay for long tail keywords is low.

The competition for short tail keywords is really high whereas for long tail keywords are low. There are some invisible keywords which we cannot see in any title but they use.

short and long keywords


So, these invisible keywords work a lot for famous blogs and they get very high traffic through this. So, if you are a new blogger and need decent traffic then, you can go with Yoast SEO free version plugin. With the help of Yoast SEO premium, you can use up to five keywords.

It is your choice to select short tail keywords or long tail keywords. If you are a unique blogger and then you don’t need to worry about short tail keywords.

You can use short tail keywords. But if you are a regular blogger then you have to concentrate on long tail keywords.


In conclusion

You can see the pic below and you can decide quickly which keyword helps you better in SEO ranking.

long tail vs short tail keywords


So, simply play some cool strategies while using long tail keywords and work hard to use short tail keywords and to be famous.

I personally use long tail keywords even I am a new blogger. Because I have very low traffic but it will increase gradually if I use long tail keywords for my posts and pages.


Final Words

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