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What do you understand by the term ‘Science ’?

The word science is derived from a Latin word ‘scientia’ which means knowledge. Science is a field that arranges knowledge in the form of test and experimental explanations as well as predictions about the world. Science is probably one of the largest fields of study comprising of various areas and concentrations.

Science is concerned with inventing, discovering, and exploring new possibilities. The basic definition of science can be the knowledge, information or study of the environment and natural world on the basis of facts and data gathered through test, experiments, and various observations.

This is without a doubt the most popular and highly regarded field of study, and students from around the world are always looking for good colleges providing normal or online science degrees, as the online education is on high demand. There are various students who are searching for top online science colleges to pursue online education in the vast field of science.


Relationship between Science and Technology

Science and Technology go hand in hand, although both represent different set of activities and field of study which are closely related and interdependent but at the same time different. Science and technology contribute and assist each other in more than one ways. Few of the contributions on both the sides that explain the relationship between science and technology are:

Science contributes to technology in various ways mentioned below:

•  Science acts as the source of information and knowledge about various new fields which serves as new ideas and concepts for various technological possibilities.

•  Science provides various new tools, techniques, and methods for more efficient engineering process and design.

•  Provides research-based knowledge and laboratory techniques.


Technology contributes to science in many ways as mentioned below:

•  The technological advancement results in inventing various machines and instruments to assist scientists to perform experiments and tests more efficiently and effectively.

•  The instruments and tools required to experiment, exploring, and discovering new possibilities are a product of technology.

•  There are a lot of ways sciences and technology is related to one another, as technology is dependent on science as much as science is dependent on technology.


The effect of Science and Technology on society

The world we live in today is filled with science and technology, all the things we see is directly or indirectly related to science and technology. Science and Technology has impacted the society and the lifestyle of people in many ways. Below is a list of ways science and technology has impacted the society and lifestyle of human being:

•  Means of communication: There was a time when people used to write letters and get it delivered via various means to communicate with their loved ones. Now because of science and technology we can communicate with people living anywhere in the world within seconds through various means of communication and electronic devices such as mobile/telephones, e-mails, video calls, social sites, and many other modes.

•  Life style: From living in houses made of stones and bamboos to living in buildings like Burj Khalifa, from bullock carts to bullet trains, from figuring out ways to light fire to artificial fire, from normal cell phones used just for calls and messages to smart phones, science and technology has affected the living standard of people in many positive ways.

•  The way we work, the way we communicate, the various ways of entertainment, various modes of transportation, medical and healthcare, each and every aspect of human life is affected by science and technology.

•  Internet, computers, and other necessities of human life are a result of science and technology.

•  Artificial intelligence and other latest innovations that are shaping the next generation of the world are also a result of applied science and technology.

There are a lot more applications of science and technology that are impacting the society and the world. In fact, everything we do is somehow related to science and technology. There are various fields of science and technology and these two fields of study are always on demand. There are many students who are looking for normal and online education in the field of science and technology. The students looking for a specific online degree, say software engineering can search for the top online software engineering degrees to get the knowledge about that particular degree or course and compare them with other courses to get a better understanding of the degree that is best suited for them.


Final words

The world we live in today is dominated and surrounded by science and technology, the machines and other tools we use in everyday life are the results of science and technology. Science and technology are interdependent. The field of science and technology are one of the most popular fields of study and it provides the students with a platform to explore new possibilities and have ample job and career prospects.

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