How to Remove White Noise When Recording

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White Noise When Recording

Tired of hearing the hiss sound in audio recordings? Now you can remove it easily by following the step by step guide !!

Whenever we record any audio, an unintentional white sound like “hiss” is always present in between the intended sound effects and before the starting and ending of the audio track. The noise is highly distracting and destroys the audio quality if not kept at lower frequency range or eliminated. The hiss kind of background noise can be heard openly in a cassette player as well as in microphones and in headphones too while hearing any audio track.

The removal of white noise when recording is not that easy, as the hissing sound present in the original track and trying to remove any part of it can emit the voice part as well destroying the audio completely. The following steps serve as an effective guideline to remove white noise when recording that can help us to get a clean audio eliminating all kinds of background noises.


Steps for removal of white noise in an audio recording

The steps required for the cleaning up of white noise when recording are as follows:-


1. Consider the Room Tone

It is very important to record your natural room sound for at least 10 seconds before you start with the audio recording. The sound might not be audible for you but can be picked up by any microphone or headphone which basically includes any kind of sound in your room be it the ceiling fan or computer fans or any small thing. Recording at Room Tone is very essential if you are planning to remove the white noise when recording later with any software. Try to keep a few seconds of room tone at the beginning and at the ending so that you can easily clear up the audio afterwards.

2. Noise Removing by the help of Audacity Software

Audacity is the free software of white noise removal from your audio tracks which has been developed by a team of audio expert professionals and talented programmers. The software supports various types of audio files and comes with a good quality noise removal tool. The software is very effective for eliminating any kind of white noise when recording.


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Steps to Eliminate White Sound using Audacity

The following guidelines show us how to remove white noise when recording through Audacity Software.

1. Upload your audio file in the software and select the room tone by drag with the help of your mouse on the area with very less or no audio sound.

2. Go to the effect menu, select it, and choose noise reduction from the list of options.

3. After that click on the Get Noise Profile Option.

4. In order to clear your selection go to the option “Click on the timeline once more”.

5. Go to the effect menu once again and select noise reduction option one more time.

6.Then click on the preview option to check the noise removal by default which will work according to room tone in your audio track.

7. If in the preview noise is still audible move the sliders accordingly and hear again.


The function of the Sliders

1. It performs noise reduction by controlling the proportion of white noise when recording.

2. The sliders effectively control the removal range of white noise when recording as if it increases, the actual audio might get affected.

3. It helps in smoothing the frequency levels. The default setting is at 3 but for music audio tracks the frequency level should be below this, and for voice recordings, it should be higher.

4. The Sliders come with reducing and residue options which lets you hear the audio track after removal of white noise when recording.


Other Softwares for White Noise removal

There are many software available in the market which might not be free but performs the same as Audacity software and even better than that.

a) One such example is Camtasia which has a very simple noise removal procedure for audio tracks in videos which are not that effective in Audacity Software. Audacity is excellent for removing white noise when recording in audios but for videos containing audio tracks it does not perform that well which Camtasia handles very well.

b) Other similar kinds of software that eliminates white noise when recording is Adobe Audition and Izotope RX5 which is also a very powerful one.



While there is an array of white sound reducing software available in the market, we should also try our best to keep the environment for audio recording absolutely silent so that we have minimal effort in clearing out the white sound through these softwares.

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