The Review of Redmi Note 5 Pro Gaming Experience is just Fabulous

The Review of Redmi Note 5 Pro Gaming Experience is just Fabulous

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Redmi Note 5 Pro Gaming

The Xiaomi is ruling the Indian Market since the last year 2017 and in this year Redmi Note 5 Pro is the highest selling, pre-ordered mobile in Indian Market.The reason why people are in love with Xiaomi mobiles is that of their mid-range budget phones. Most of the people are looking for the mid-range Budget smartphones and in the time its Xiaomi who entered into the Market.

After its successful Redmi Note 4 Version, the company is continued then success with Redmi Note 5 and Note 5 Pro. Better than Redmi note 5 the note 5 Pro is being sold just after the release. Mainly, the smartphones are famous for rear camera performance.

Redmi Note 5 Pro is been tested with heavy games and after the usage according to the battery performance and temperature increment you can decide whether it is good for gaming purpose or not.

Note: Before testing these games, the initial Mobile temperature is 32 degrees and with 65% battery and the room temperature is 31 degrees.


1. Modern Compact 5


Before the playing the game, let me remind you that these games have been tested only after the updating the version. Because in the earlier version we had few problems in playing this game.

But after the issue, the game is now running very smooth and excellent graphics on the device. No frame drops in the first 5 Minutes and just a little warm on the back panel.

Best Experience of the game and you can feel while you are playing this game. No issues anywhere after playing this game after 5 to 10 Minutes and It’s very smooth.


2. Gangster New  Orleans


This is also a heavy game and Without closing the previous Mobile from RAM, I opened this and I can feel that the device is still cool and no frame drops. The best thing about the smartphone is you won’t face any frame drop issues on this mobile.

Gangster new  Orleans is a game has good graphics and powerful graphics. After playing for 20 Minutes I noticed that the back get a little bit warm but it’s OK because the room temperature is high.

The game has complete high graphics which are very smoothly running on the device. The temperature of Mobile is increasing to 35 degrees Now.


3. Rules of survival


The next game in the list is ‘Rules of Survival” which is also a heavy game and one of the most downloaded games from Play store. The game has multiple levels and has very great graphics too. The device supported these games without lagging even previous games are still running in the background.

When you switch between the games, the device handles well and you cannot find any lagging issue. And here also after playing 15 Minutes continuously, the device has just warm back and temperature remains same which is very good at gaming case.


4. GTA Andres


After playing 3 games continuously the next game which is going to be tested on the device is GTA Andres which is a famous game on Android. The game has high graphics and memory usage. To test the game completely, I played the game for 25 Minutes.

You will fell the excellent audio output and very smooth on graphics and no frame drops issues. The best thing about the mobile is you won’t face any frame drops issues even on heavy games.


5. Asphalt 8


The last game is on a test which is famous for its high-end graphics and performance. E Very Mobile should be tested with this game to check it’s gaming capacity.

The gameplay is very good with high graphics smoothness experience and also the best audio output. The game is played over 25 to 30 Minuses a better the time period the heat managed to increase by a little 2% only and reached 39% finally.

The temperature is normal and also little warm on back side is negligible. The only thing I noticed while playing Asphalt 8 is a minor frame drop once and then no issues.

This is a 4 GB Model and If you are a gameplay lover then you may buy this mobile for it’s best audio and video experience and if you want more smoothness and screening then you may go with the 6 GB model. All these games gave the good experience with the device.

Bottom Line

Because of its powerful processor, the device stands better in the gameplay experience and recommended to buy.


Final Words

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