Powerbeats 3 Range and review-Best wireless earphone beats?

Best wireless earphone beats

Beats by Dee has the good graph in the better headphones sound quality and wireless earphones. And it is on its way and becoming the dominating wireless headphones technology. But, the only thing about the company is it is failed to deliver them in a conventional way.

After the Powerbeats 2, we now have the powerbeats 3 which is going too fast for the customers. The powerboats 3 got the massive response at the popular wireless earphones category.

You have to care about three things while you are your way to buy any earphones. The first one is sound, they should have good battery life, and they should be easy at noise cancellation and should fit in ears.

These earphones are specially designed for gym rats and runners. If you are looking for the ultimate wireless earphones then this will be the better choice.

The price tag is bit edge on the Sharpe but these earphones are worth every penny you invest. Let’s see the Powerbeats 3 Range and review here.


Powerbeats 3

The Powerbeats 3 wireless earphones are the latest wireless in-ear monitors from the Apple-owned company. The design is just simply perfect and you can clinch them behind your neck. As with other wireless headphones,

Tthe powerbeats 3 runs off an internal rechargeable battery. The battery can last over 12 hours of continuous music play. time The best thing about this wireless device is if you charge it over 5 minutes, you will get 1-hour of playtime.

As the company said these earphones are completely sweet resistance to handle tough running and also these are flexible.

You will get ear tips with four size options and carry case. The Universal USB charging cable (USB-A to USB micro-USB-B), and warranty card.


Powerbeats 3 Range

For wireless connectivity, the Powerbeats 2 boast class 1 Bluetooth and also it uses Apple’s W1 wireless chip. This is how we can know the powerbeats 3 range and class 1 Bluetooth has the range of 10x faster than class 2 devices.

Simply, it’s awesome and you will get 15-20 meters to range in the office. The powerboats 3 range is simply good with the 15-20 meters range capability.

You can get these earphones in two colours that are black and white. This will boost up your original sound quality and this is the best deal breaker with this device.

But as per users opinion, when you maximise the sound it will have some distortion in audio.


What did we like?

It is said to be in the best wireless headphone from the power beats. But in these earphones, we are facing the discussion issue while we increase our volume to the maximum level.

As we know, it will be dangerous to listen when the volume is maximum. So, we can ignore this issue in this earphone.

This will give you the best audio experience from ear to ear with the medium range of sound. At very low volume the sound feels a bit more muddled and when at the high volume it feels messy.

The ear hook design is good but not at it’s the best value. The wireless earphones mainly give you trouble when you are trying to fit.

These earphones will come with the good design and also you can easily set these earphones in your ears once you settled. This will be the best choice for running and gym people who like to motivate themselves with the music.

The battery life is also impressive and we would like to mention that the battery is giving the better life. If you are looking for the good battery wireless earphones then you may find this as best choice.


What didn’t we like?

With the earphones high-technology, you have to give up the hard sound experience because of its distortion at high volume. We know that people ignore when you get the pop up of warning.

So, it would be better to avoid listening to music at high volume.  And also the earphones need to adjust first before making comfort into your ears.

Get Powerbeats 3


Should you buy them

Yes, Definitely. These earphones are worthy and the best choice for gym people. These earphones are the best choice for running and working out in Gym.


Final words

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Powerbeats 3













  • Excellent Sound
  • Fits Good
  • Good design
  • Best for running/Gym


  • Distortion at Maximum level

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