How to place Propeller Ads code on WordPress to publish Ads

How to place Propeller Ads code on WordPress to publish Ads

Propeller ads in an internet Media company which is later focused on the delivering the most effective digital advertising platform. The company propeller ads were found in 2011 out of a desire to create the better Bridge between the publisher and advertiser.

If you are a publisher and you want to make money by publishing the propeller ads then you can join as a publisher.

If you are an advertiser and you want to advertise your website then you have to be a member of the advertiser.

Generally, bloggers would like to earn money from blogging and they give up their career for the blogging. Most of the people earning very good amount by displaying Google ads.

But what about the people who rejected by the Adsense?

There are so many ad networks which will pay you and they are AdSense alternatives.

Now, most of the people are concentrating on showing the ads on their websites and they are estimating the good revenue.

Propeller ad network is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives which can pay you some good amount of money.

Propeller ads

The Advertising network offers multi-channel advertising solutions showing the ads on desktops, mobiles, and apps. The propeller ad network has over 5000 publishers and 5,000 advertising campaigns.

As per the company records the ad network hits 700 million ad Impressions a day.

Propeller ads deliver the real market value to the publishers and advertisers. Most of the publishers are maximizing their earnings from their site.

The most famous ad type is the pop-under Type.

You are not going to earn money unless you have a very good traffic. You have to develop your organic traffic and it is very important.

If you want to earn money from this ad networks then you should have excellent traffic. Unless you have the best traffic you can’t make money with any ad network.

You should have to believe in yourself that you can track the maximum traffic. If you want to earn money as fast as you can then I am sorry to say this you cannot.


First, you have to build the website and then you have to drive the traffic to the website. And in the process of driving the real traffic to the website, it will take some time.

If you are a passionate blogger then you don’t have to worry about the money you will add money on a fine day.

Propeller Sign up

Go to the Official website and then click on the register as a publisher. Once you finish the process of signing up to the website you will get the confirmation mail. After you verify your email address now you have to add your website to the propeller ad network.

To add your website you just have to click on the ‘Add site‘. After clicking that you have to enter your website name that means you have to enter your website address and click ‘Add site‘.

Once you have entered your site then you have to verify that site belongs to you. You just have to copy the code which propeller network would like to verify.

And then you have to paste the code in your website page in between the head tags. You can also upload the document file into your root of the website in order to verify in the file format.

Don’t click on the verify button immediately, you have to click the verify button after you enter the code in your WordPress editor. Now, copy the code and you have to open the WordPress editor.

You can access this by going to the WordPress dashboard and under the appearance, you can find the editor.

In the editor, you will find the header.php file where you have to enter the code.

No matter which theme you are using you will get the access to edit header.php file.

In the header.php you can find the head tag at the top of the page

Just enter the code you have copied from the propeller ad verification step. After placing your code in the header tag you have to update the file. You are done with the first step of verification by entering your code on WordPress website Editor menu.

Once you updated the file and just come back to the propeller network process and now click on “Verify” (Make sure that you click on verify only after entering the code in WordPress editor).

And after you click ‘Verify’ you will redirect to the page where you can see your all websites.

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You can check your website status from the dashboard. If your website is under review then it will show you that your website is not verified yet.

If your website is approved then you will get the confirmation message and you want to see this yellow mark. Once your website is approved then your website will show the pop-under ads on your website.

This ad network is famous for the pop-under ad type and which is delivering the highest revenue in all the ad types.

This is how you have to verify your website in the propeller ad network. This is one of the most popular ad networking sites which is famous for both publishers and advertisers. Once you finish the process sit back and relax.

The network will take time to approve your website and after you can show the ads. Always remember that at the beginning, you will get the very little amount and after your website gets famous then you will drive huge traffic and also good income.

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