5 Off-page SEO techniques to build your Subscribers 200% More

Off-page SEO techniques

Before exploring new things you have to know about what is your page. And what is your blog about. If you are good at your work then you have to concentrate on organic traffic now. You cannot get a real traffic by paying money to ad networking sites. Because they are forced visitors to visit your blog.

Now if you want to turn the visitors into subscribers you have to follow some simple rules. These are not rules but these are the strategies which bloggers follow to attract the customers.

If you are running a business by then you have to know the business tips and ideas. You have to know the marketing strategies which will make your blog to the complete success.

First people have to notice your blog and then they have to reach your blog. Once if they visit your blog then they have to subscribe to your blog. Writing a long content doesn’t make your site into number one position in search results.

You have to work hard for that luck. In 2018 we are driving the real traffic very hard. The new bloggers can drive very little traffic through organic search because they are not engaged with the readers.

Google will suggest the millions of results if you search for something. Out of the millions of results in the fraction of seconds, your blog must list in the search result.

Now before going to kill your blog with only on page SEO techniques let me tell you that off page SEO techniques will work as much as on- page SEO techniques. That means you have to concentrate on off page SEO techniques too.


 On-site SEO

The onsite Search Engine Optimization is nothing but taking the good decisions and optimizing your blog on your website.

That means without going outside of your blog you are optimizing your whole content for Website it on your blog. In the simple words on site is SEO means the actions which you are taking while you are writing inside the blog.

It is the simple practice of optimizing the individual web pages in order to rank higher in the search results. There are several on page factors that affect search engine rankings highly and before you are going to learn the off page techniques let us see those factors.



Bringing the quality and the great content will make your blog higher in the search engines. The content will be the first term in order to consider while you are learning about on page SEO techniques.

The brilliant content will make the blog in a brilliant way to explore the search engines. Search engines will keep an eye on all the web pages and they will find the exact match with the customer.


Why has the great content matters?

Before answering this question let me ask you that on which search result you will show interest if you search for something?.

Well, I guess it would be the first, second, third or 4th result obviously. Because people don’t want to go to the next page and district with the first page.

There is the minimum probability of going to the first page of search results.

That means all 100% of the readers will click on the first 50 search results. So you have to guess that what will be your position if you get your blog on thousands search results page.

To escape from this and to move your blog higher you have to concentrate on the content. Most of the people do this but you have to concentrate on the readers as well as the content.

Now take it out of your mind that only search engine friendly content matters. It would be better if it was the past but now you have to make the reader-friendly content.


Why do we need to do Off-site SEO?

Off-page SEO refers to techniques that can be used to increase the rank of your website on the search engines. The search engine results page will display your website on the first page of the search results only if your blog is search engine optimised.

So most of the people concentrate on off-page Search Engine Optimization because they are good with the on-page Search Engine Optimization. The good here itself means they optimize the content to the search engine friendly.

On-site SEO vs Off-site SEO 2


The off page strategy is nothing but doing the stuff outside of your website. That means whatever you are doing which is not on the website and doesn’t affect your website internally.

The most important off-page SEO techniques are link building, social media marketing, and social bookmarking. People have to know about your blog even if they are not searching for the search results.

That means you have to reach the audience through the social media and which is the important factor of off page SEO technique.

People spend the time on social media and while they are scrolling the news feed if they find your website they will show the interest to visit.

While this can be done by boosting your Facebook page and promoting your blog. But here you don’t have to promote your website with off page SEO techniques by paying money. Off-page SEO is the healthy way of promoting your website and blog.


1. Social Media Engagement

The famous and the best off page technique is social media engagement. To make your blog or website engage on social media platforms you have to reach the maximum audience.

The best way to reach the maximum audience is social media promoting. You have to create the Facebook page or Facebook group where your blog is going to promote.

As per the reports, Facebook is the most traffic-driving social media platform for the majority of bloggers.

Make sure that you have the good following on Facebook and even if you don’t have then make it possible. Don’t boost your FB page while you are at the beginning of the stage.

Before promoting your Facebook page make sure that you have enough content on your website. To turn the regular audience into the subscribers you have to be patient while you are noticing the differences.

2. Forum Submission

The another best way to promote your blog or website is submitting on forums. Well, forums don’t like you to promote your blog or website directly and you have to comment on the forums.

Forums or created to discuss the situations and problems. Well, it is the question and answering website and hence you cannot promote your blog. You have to stick with the reforms Sundays and answer the questions you know.

At the beginning don’t Link your website and after getting some positive views then you can link your website. Now go to the search engine and look for the best forums to promote your blog.

Let’s make sure that you have selected the correct category and search for the questions. This is how you can submit your answers on the forums and can help the people. Build your trust in forums and social media and then you can build your subscribers.


3. Article submission

There are so many websites which will pay you for your articles. And there are so many websites which will take money to promote your blog on their website. Don’t confuse here and if you are a famous writer then you will get paid.

And if you are a beginner you have to pay the money. But there are so many websites which will publish your articles for free and you have to attract visitors. You just have to submit your work here and get famous.

Giving the continuous articles doesn’t make your famous you have to be unique and consistency. The article submission is the best way to promote your link but you have to work hard for that. No great achievements will come without the hard work and if they come they are not great achievements.

4. Answering the questions

There is a famous and a killing question and answer website and it is known as Quora. We all know about this platform and we will look at this platform for questions and answers.

The first thing comes to mind when we listen to the word question then we will go to this platform to look for an answer. Answering here doesn’t make you rich but it will make you intelligent.

You will gain the knowledge from this platform and there are so many people who are ready to answer. This is one of the best ways to send your viewers to your blog. Just answer the simple questions which you know and Link your website.

They will come to your website and they will look for some other stuff and if they like it they stay. You can answer the questions in Yahoo answers also. But try Quora and you will never miss that question and answer platform.

5. Guest blogging

This will work better if you submit your blog post and some famous blogs. The good thing about the guest blogging is if the link your website then you will get a number of visitors.

You can drive the huge amount of traffic if you submitted the best content to the blog. There are some websites which can pay you for guest blogging but your content should be great.

Wherever you go and whatever the situation is your content must be rich in order to get blog traffic. Search for some best guest blogging sites and then submit your article. Well, most of the sites allow the guest login for a few days only and then they will turn off.


Final words

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  • raja says:

    yes , really useful,
    Especially the first trick, social engagement,
    Creating fan page and share our post in that page is best of-page trick in 2018.
    As per google latest algorithm ! social engagement play vital role in ranking.
    To boast social shares ,likes and comment , try our best tool ‘linkcollider‘.
    It help users to increase the social shares , like and comments.

  • BlogBasics101 says:

    Awesome article. All this techniques are very awesome and also actionable.

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    Off-Page SEO is must for every blog or website to rank well on search engines. In this article i learn some awesome actionable Off-Page SEO techniques and i am going to apply all this techniques on my blog to rank it well.
    Regards, Shubham

  • tirupati says:

    i want to writte guest post on your website what step shuld i follow

  • Awesome List! High DA / PA social sites are Web 2.0

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