marketing techniques mistake

4 Mistakes To Avoid Regarding Marketing Techniques

Marketing Techniques Mistakes

Things are progressing at a reckless speed. So should your business tactics. What proved beneficial last year might not be the same this year. So you need to keep updating yourself every time.

Before that, you need to understand exactly where you are going wrong! Because, failing to adapt your business, can prove fatal at the end.

Well it is unfortunate that many marketing teams are not confident about their strategies. Many are even strict when it comes to adopt technology.

Let us glance through some of the huge mistakes that one follows. Check if you are committing any of these.


1. No self-researched data

You need data for every job. Some sort of data is always beneficial to make the correct decision. However, what matters is the source and quality of the data.

Collecting general information is just what you should do no more. It is not going to help your business. Worldwide information is not required when you are doing business in a particular state and vice versa. Thus, make sure you collected data which proves to be relevant.

Instead of depending on third-party sources for data, it is always advised that companies should indulge into self-research data collection which would help them gather authentic data.

Keep data stored according to individual customers is a very good step that companies can adopt.


2. No Personalisation

Personalisation can do wonders. It creates a unique customer based experience, depending on their preferences and needs.

All customers expect some personal touch in their business. They are likely to incline towards companies which offer them personalisation beyond the surface level. If you have been relying on generalization till now it’s time to change.


3. Promotion through social media only

Social media is not only for uploading beautiful photos but it can be a great platform to promote your business as well, still that cannot be the only one. While advertising on social media is still acceptable, promotion is a big No-No. Many social media users will end up unfollowing you if you are overly promotional.

Each customers has a different perspective on social media. They use is a medium to express themselves and communicate with their friends and family. Therefore, the brands ought to be more human-like.

Around 40% of customers have reached out to brands through social media. Thus, you have to be more humane. Instead of promotion, try to engage the attention of your audience or else it will be a tough situation to build business relationships.


4. Use of lengthy texts

The best content marketing strategy would not be the writing of lengthy stories to promote your business, rather the use of more engaging techniques. Besides blogs, visuals infographics, videos, even podcasts might boost engagement.

According to studies nearly 80% customers prefer videos or visuals than lengthy stories. However, many brands fail to realize this and end up focusing on text heavy content.

If you are following any of these old-school mistakes, it is still time for you to back off and re adjust. In which case, the results would have adverse effects on your business.  


Final words

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