MacBook Pro 2018 release date and the Mega 8th Gen Processor details

MacBook Pro 2018 release date and the Mega 8th Gen Processor details

MacBook Pro 2018 release date

MacBook Pro 2018 release date is not yet officially confirmed but according to the reports we have it.

What’s so special about MacBook ? What’s so special about MacBook Pro?

The Reason why most of the people choose Mac-book as their primary laptop is their security and performance. Apple has confirmed that it is going to release the new MacBook Pro 2018 with the Intel 8th generation processor.

Apple has announced that the new MacBook Pro in 2018 will be available in 13-inch and 15-inch versions.

As we expected apple improved the core specifications and it has done with the key changes including support up to Core i9 processor. It will snap at the clock speed up to 4.8 GHz and SSD storage of 4 TB.There are huge differences and improvement in the performance.


Apple MacBook Pro 2018 release date

The 13-inch under 15-inch touch bar versions of the 2018 MacBook Pro available online and you can buy from the Apple store also. There is Non-touch bar version available currently and we have to wait until it releases.


MacBook Pro 2018 release date and the Mega 8th Gen Processor details


As per the leaks, Apple may release this non-touch-bar version before the End of September. It has the minimum range of 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage. And at the maximum size, we can get 32GB Ram and also 4TB storage.

Apple is also giving you the option of upgrading the GPU on the 15 inches 2018 MacBook Pro. But you have to pay for that currently the device has an AMD Radeon Pro 555X installed. You can switch this to AMD Radeon Pro 560X.

The new MacBook Pro series now comes with the second generation butterfly mechanism. In which Apple claims that it will ensure your more responsive and comfortable keyboard.

The big change on 15 inch MacBook Pro is the introduction of 6-core Intel i7 and i9 processor up to 2.6 GHz and 2.9 GHz clock speed respectively.


On the other side, the turbo boost option of 4.3 GHz and 4.9 GHz will clock on processors.

Apple MacBook Pro comes with the Apple T2 chip which will increase the system security with the support of secure boot and encrypted storage. It also introduced the Hey Siri feature to the MAC for the first time.


What’s new?

We can see the Siri, which is Apple’s chipper voice assistant that’s now become the part of Mac.

In the hardware department, the most exciting versions of Intel Processors 2.9 GHz 6-core i9 processors are going ahead.

You will also get the huge storage with this version where you can see up to 2 TB in 13-inch MacBook Pro and 4 TB storage in 15-inch MacBook Pro.


Final Words

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