Amazon is taking Pre-orders of Lenovo Mirage Camera Daydream VR

Amazon is taking Pre-orders of Lenovo Mirage Camera Daydream VR

Lenovo is introducing a virtual reality camera that we first notice it at the consumer electronics show. In this show, Lenovo is talked about Lenovo Mirage camera with the daydream.

Virtual reality Technology makes to create a realistic 3D image or environment that a human can feel as real.

Breaking The Silence of its launch, Amazon is now taking the pre-orders of this Lenovo Mirage camera. According to the listing, this virtual reality camera will start knocking your door from 4th May.

The Lenovo upcoming solo standalone daydream VR headset has the capability of capturing a 180-degree field of view. And when we talk about the camera sensors we have 13 MP Dual sensors and Fisheye lenses.

The Fisheye lenses are for the beauty of virtual reality experience. And the major thing about this VR Camera is it supports the Google VR 180 degrees format. Which means you can directly upload the footage why are YouTube and Google photos.

Even though the Lenovo specified the complete capturing technology is built, some of the analysts’ said that this VR isn’t technically a full-fledged 360 camera.

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The analysts said that it’s better than the 3D camera and it has depth. But the 180-degree field of View is not a complete VR-thing and also people fade in and fade out when they are just in or out of frame.

Also, you cannot walk through your pictures. When you see the edges of the frame then your VR headset essentially becomes a 3D glass.

The positive thing about this VR headset is it is worthy and easy to operate so it might be perfect for someone who is the beginner with the gadget. You can pre-order the gadget but you have to wait until late May in order to get your VR headset.

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