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KWONGLUNG 2Inch Dual Dash Cam “The Complete Review”

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Your journey is incomplete without the amazing dash cam so you should have in your car. Here, I am going to share the complete information about the KWONGLUNG 2Inch Dual Dash Cam so that you can capture your journey in the best quality videos as our journey is full of joy and happiness. And these can only be captured with this dual dash cam only.

KWONGLUNG 2Inch Dual Dash Cam is one of the best dash cam 2019 that can serve you the excellent feature and world-class technology at the very affordable price to the users. In case of any accident activity, it will create proper evidence for everything by capturing the video in the decent quality in the proper manner. It has the ability to perform perfectly in any situation. And I can guarantee you that after this dash cam in your car you will feel protective.

So, just simply scroll down the page to check out the complete review of this KWONGLUNG 2Inch Dual Dash Cam, and below you will get everything that you want to know about this camera. And below in this review, I will talk about the camera quality and also I will talk about the loop recording and the other amazing features of this gadget, so let’s give a look at the complete review of this gadget.


Amazing Features Of KWONGLUNG 2Inch Dual Dash Cam


1. 2” Dual Channel Recoding

The Best Front and rear Dash Cam 2019 comes with the 1920*1080P 30FPS front camera with a 720P waterproof camera as it is important in rainy days. You just need to focus on your drive without any worry about the fog or mist inside the camera. Every video is recorded in the 2” Full HD display and you will never miss a single detail of the view, and you will get the clearer and properly focused view all the time. It also helps to capture every moment from both the front and back of your car.


2. Front and Rear Camera

 With the KWONGLUNG 2Inch Dual Dash Cam, you can easily record 170 degree ultra-wide-angle front camera and 120 degree rear camera capture in Full-HD video both the views and every scene or view of the road will be captured in the decent quality because nowadays security is the very serious point, and we should take care everything before going for a trip or road trip. It is the gadget that can create proper evidence of your every road trip or drive for the evidence and low purpose. With wide angle lens of this camera, your dash cam will pick up more valuable information on the road.

3. Loop Recording

The one of the best features of this best dual dash cam is the loop recording because whenever the memory goes out of space, the device will automatically start overwriting the videos from older to newer but locked videos will not be overwritten in this dash cam. KWONGLUNG 2Inch Dual Dash Cam can be activated when you drive the car and want to record everything in front of you. It only accepts the 32G memory card as SD card is not included in this unit.  So with this dash cam, you don’t need to worry about the memory management.


4. G-Sensor

 KWONGLUNG 2Inch Dual Dash Cam comes with the G-Sensor as to detects the collision or every sudden or accidental activity on the road and it will lock and save the currently recording file for the low and evidence purposes, and the Locked video will be kept safe from being overwritten. This will ensure the footage that you have a perfect witness and it is the most important feature in the Dash camera because any other camera cannot serve you the similar feature at this affordable price to the user.


Final Verdicts  About The KWONGLUNG 2Inch Dual Dash Cam

Well, now it’s the time to take the decision about the KWONGLUNG 2Inch Dual Dash Cam not to think about it because in this review you will get everything about the Dash Cam Front and Rear. And I can guarantee you after using this in your car you will feel secure and protective. So you can easily go for this gadget without any if or but.

Well, now you just have to visit the amazon where you can check out the reviews and rating of this gadget from the users. But, still if you have any query or doubt in your mind, then just comment down below in the comment section and we will try to give yu the best answer of your queries as soon as we can.

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