know about Open API

Everything you should know about an Open API

Know about Open API

Open API, or a Public API, is not open source software. This is an API class which gives universal access to the consumers.

With the help of an Open API, developers can now classify the resources by their types and levels. Types and levels are based on the software that is being developed. Open APIs will help you to learn API design.




Public APIs are more common that it looks like

If you are a newbie, then you would probably think that Public APIs are not so common. Among the millions of published APIs over the year, a great deal of them makes Public APIs (stoplight API for example). You can find them on the internet or within the public forums. What is the Open APIs function? Opens APIs allure businesses and developers to adapt resources and methods. You as an individual, or your company, can receive credit for your work if you have an API that was used in a successful software application.


How API developers earn money?

Third parties use Open APIs. Developers make money when they license the program of the Open API. Software developers make money, so the API developers make money through them. What is also great here, an API developer wouldn’t have to invest any money into marketing, as the developers of the third party software are doing the promotion already.


Pros and cons of the Open API

Developers usually pick one particular design layout and then compare it to the others. Of course, they claim the design layout they choose as the best one. We can detect the same type of behaviour within companies. A company selects on API type and them opposes it to all the other API types. The choice a company makes here is usually based on a subjective opinion or reputation.

Once somebody notices bugs within one API, this is the end of the game for it. An API that has bugs is not well developed, so everybody would ignore or avoid it. In order to prevent the bugging APIs, make sure you have an accurate documentation and that you have taken the needed security measures.

A company can modify an Open API all of a sudden, which produces frustration for developers. Some APIs become closed because of it, which makes them pretty challenging to fix in the future.


REST or SOAP development?

The first API architecture is SOAP, while REST is a newer and more adopted API architecture. XML is SOAP coding language, while RESTful APIs use JSON mostly. If you would ask which one is better, the answer is – each type has the good and the bad sides. It depends on your API goals.

Yet, one thing is sure – REST moved far away from SOAP in the past few years. REST is considered a modern, while SOAP is more traditional and old-fashioned. There are many SOAP-based APIs today, but these will be replaced with the RESTful APIs in the following years.


How to manage an Open API?

Organisation have control over APIs right until they publish these APIs. Once the API is released, it might become difficult or even impossible to control the use of it. Because of that, you should find a good way to manage an Open API. Otherwise, your customers won’t be satisfied with your API. A possible solution here might be a decommission of the older APIs. A syntax change to the latest RESTful models is also a great option here. Organisations should speed up the system and improve functionality.



We will stress out the fact that Public APIs are restricted. Even though they are accessible to everyone, they still do have some restrictions. Open APIs require user authentication. Additionally, Open APIs are supported with secure services, which makes them almost impossible to reach.


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