killer blogging tips

Top 37 killer blogging tips for beginners to increase your traffic

Killer Blogging Tips

Killer blogging tips : Are you looking for some serious blogging tips? Most of the results you can find if you searched for blogging tips in search engine ranking. You started blogging. Congrats on that and now, you need traffic to show who you are and what you are.

But, no one can exactly tell you what to do to increase your traffic. Everyone has their own tips and strategies to increase your blog.

If you tried all the tips and still it didn’t work. Don’t worry mate. It is just because of your tried good but not up to the mark.

All it comes with hard work and smart work.

Take your own time to learn some basic SEO tips and some basic blogging tips. You have to learn this to increase your self-confidence.

I am not saying this will work every time but it will work one day. If you have good knowledge about something, don’t hide it. Just explore who you are what you can do.

Now, coming to blogging tips. I am here with 37 cool and amazing tips which will help you to get famous for your blogging. Let’s start

1. Be unique

The first thing you have to do is ‘Do not copy’. Don’t think that you can copy a line or a paragraph from somewhere and you can paste it into your site. Don’t do like this. Whatever you have in mind just write a post.

You cannot fool any search engines. So don’t try to copy from others. Even it is a similar post then you have to write your words and your own language.

Copying a single line can display your site as plagiarism. Always be unique and produce some good content.

2. Stand out from the crowd

Don’t be in the crowd, instead come out and give constant posts. If you can make some good and better posts that don’t mean you did.

You have to come from the circle where you are in. Always try to post some useful content.

And don’t try to make a copy of some other’s post. Everyone one will do this. So if you have different and original content then you will your boss.

Always keep in mind that ‘be original’.

3. Be regular

You are updating your blog weekly once.

So when will be your next post? A month later? How search engine will know that

you are alive. Make some proper time and be regular.

Try to post regularly and if you publish one post daily for a week, it works better than if you post 5 posts in once in a week.

You have to make some relationship with your visitors.

4. Be special

There is not much difference between being unique and being special. Right?

Well, it’s not.

Being unique is making your content visible and publishing it. Being special means keeping you aside from others.

If you are in a mood to give some special content with the different concept, then people will follow you even if you don’t ask.

Being special in school or college will give you special treatment. Isn’t it? It’s that simple.

5. Write depth articles

If you are thinking to write long content with 3000+ words, it is not ‘in-depth content’. It is a ‘long content’.

You have to know the difference between writing long content and writing correct content.

You can explain every visitors with your single post if you write in depth. Writing depth articles means to explain in the right way.

6. Choose a top content 

Don’t mislead here. There is no top content. Instead, it is correct content. The content which you are going to give your visitors.

That means giving the required content to your readers. If they visit your blog for SEO tips, then you have to give straight or related posts to SEO.

You cannot give the content which is beyond your reader’s expectations.

7. Become a hot writer

Write like a writer and get famous with your writings. The more you spend the time to think the post must be greater than your working time.

It is like making a post in mind and next to writing it on the blog.

Your readers will love you if you write like a writer and if you attract them with your writing. A perfect language doesn’t need to target but good writing always increases your value.

8. Focus on visitors

Instead of impressing search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Try to write for people.

The question will come is what your visitors are expecting from you?

Always try on them. And make a content which is helpful and easy for readers. If you write for people then people come to you.

9. Neglect SEO on beginning 

Don’t focus much on SEO first, instead focus on your visitors.

It will take a long time to recognize by your visitors if you are an SEO friend at first.

Don’t neglect SEO completely, but you have to focus more on your visitors and less on SEO. It will good if you focus completely on visitors and produce the quality content for them.

10. Ask the audience

Ask your visitors to suggest you the best ideas on which you can make a post. You have to tell that you are an expert at something.

And ask your visitors about what type of help they want from you.

Even if you get only one request then you can write for them because this is how you can build trust in them.

11. Start learning about keywords

Even if you don’t care about SEO then you have to learn some basic keywords tips. The keywords will help you to take care of your blog and website.

Learning basic keywords tips and using them in a blog post will be a lesson to learn in SEO. SEO comes with keywords optimization.

Focus on a keyword where your whole content depends. And your entire content follow.

12. Use proper headings

Don’t confuse here. Headings are different from tile to the post. The title of the post will decide your content and headings will give gap.

Along content like this needs more time to read. So, people will see heading and then they will leave your site. Just as students do while preparing for exams.

So, don’t mislead your readers with your headings. Tell them what you are going to under this heading.

13. Write a powerful title

Make a powerful title to the post. Don’t name your content as simple as it doesn’t effect. Make a title with a blockbuster title like How to write a blockbuster post within 50 Minutes that has 700+ words

The title will give you the best impression and you can get maximum clicks.

14. Focus on social share

You started blogging and you are quite good. But how people will know you and how they come to you.

They won’t.

You have to reach them and tell them that your blog is alive. You write about something and people can visit your site. Share on social media from where you can get good traffic.

15. Focus on only top traffic source

Be sure about the source from where you are getting traffic to your website.

If you are getting traffic from facebook then make a page and join in groups. You can get traffic from there. Don’t waste your time by switching multiple social accounts. Just focus on the network from where you are getting traffic.

16. Make facebook page

If you want to create a brand for your site, then make a facebook page. You can work smarter to get traffic from the facebook page. First, you have to create a facebook page of your website.

The people who visit your blog will click your Facebook and page and the people who visit your page will come to your site.

17. Create brand in groups

Join in communities on bigger social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. You can search groups on facebook and then you can join.

The members who joined in the groups need some information about what they are looking for. So you can easily drive traffic from the facebook groups. LinkedIn also does something like Facebook does.

18. Use good URL

A good title and a good description with proper slug/URL is the best combination ever. If you don’t know what is URL and how to use then take look at The importance of URL/slug in your blog post for better SEO.

19. Use proper description 

A meta description will show the content in two lines. If you search for something then you will get description under the title of the blog post.

That’s nothing but meta description,


20. Be active on social sites

You have to be active on social media platforms. First, you create an account in quora and then answer the questions. Yahoo answers is also a good website where you can find many questions and you can answer. There are two are the top leading Q&A websites. Millions of people follow these to learn something.

21. Answer in quora

22. Answer in Yahoo answers

23. Focus on Twitter


24. Do experiments

You can play with your site and you can use it as good as you can.

Blindly, don’t follow others. Instead, make them follow you. It is as simple as being different. You will lose readers first but you don’t have to give up. You can always do experiments with your blog and then you can increase your traffic.

25. Write in the good language 

The perfect language differs from the good language. You can write your content in a proper language where a reader can understand it.

This is how you have to think, how your reader understands it.

26. Think before you hit

Before hitting the publish button, think how it can increase your traffic.

I am talking about the post. Before publishing it think is it really helpful and related to your site. Then try to re-correct the mistakes you did and then publish your post.

You can read PopAds ad network review! Why I stopped using it after 20 days

27. Don’t put too many ads

Congrats if you are approved by Google Adsense. If you put ads on your blog then you can earn.

But, if you put too many ads, then you will lose your visitors.

Follow some blogs and see how and where they are showing their ads. This is how you can learn about your blogging.

28. Attract them with welcome

A good ending is always a good start to every blog.

You can explain your content within three or four lines with welcome.

First, tell visitors that what you are going to read. And how it will do good to them. Readers will come to learn what they can learn.

29. Make time to write ‘ending’

With a warm welcome and a good ending, you can attract your visitors. No matter how long is your content. You will get the impression if you have a good ending.

The ending would be the summaries of your content just like the beginning.

And at the ending ask them to follow you on social media.

30. Comment on other blogs

Don’t comment your site there, they will remove your comment.

Comment as a normal reader and then mention you are writing similar posts and what you achieved.

You can attach your website to your name in the comment section.

31. Drive youtube traffic (if any)

Start a youtube channel and drive traffic if you have time. And if you have a youtube channel then you can drive traffic from that.

Apart from that if you comment on the related video you will get clicks.

32. Avoid pop ads

You can monetize your blog with day one. But, avoid some basic tips. If you signed up with PopAds and any other Ad network, you will get popunder ads to show on your blog.

But, it’s better to avoid pop ads on your blog. You are getting traffic very hard and if you use pop ads then it will make your visitors annoyed.

33. Check your rank in Alexa

Regularly check your rank in Alexa to know how you are improving day by day. If you new blogger with few days experiences. Your rank will be in millions.

Don’t panic here, if you are regular and if you drive some organic traffic then you will get a better rank within a few days.

This is to improve yourself by checking the rank.

34. Have a friendly talk

If you get comments then try to respond as early as possible with excellent talk. And even you are writing, have some friendly talk with people.

You are not writing for an international newspaper right?. You are writing on your own blog or a website. It will be a good gesture to attract your audience with your writing.

35. Take advantage of Featured images

This is the tip for those who are focusing on social media to drive traffic. If you need clicks then you have to use proper images.

The images will do the better job than the direct links or text links. People will get attracted to the images and then they will click.

So, here take advantage of the featured images and make an excellent title.

36. Do guest blogging

If you are writing for your own blog every time then you will learn certain things. And if you write for other blogs then you will learn something new.

Find some blogs who are offering ‘guest post’. This is where you will learn about audience pulse.

If you think Guest blogging doesn’t work. You are wrong. It will work better than you think.

37. Never leave your passion

Last but not least, if you give up it is the end. If you try again and again then it will your success. No matter how hard you try, you have to remember that today is the end.

Make as good as you can today and tomorrow will wait for you.

So how was the long content? Did you like it?


Final Words

I hope you like the post killer blogging tips and If you like to stay in touch with our network to get the “latest news on Trending Gadgets, Mobiles, Earphones, wireless, Laptops, News, and Viral Stories” follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. If you have any doubts then feel free to comment on the comment section.

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