Instagram New Update; Now you can Ask Questions in Insta Stories

Instagram New Update; Now you can Ask Questions in Insta Stories

Instagram New Update

Instagram is now trending everywhere with its flash updates. The Facebook-owned Instagram has now added an extra update by which you can ask questions on Instagram stories.The Instagram new update is impressive and it will be most useful for celebrity fans.

Just like YouTube live programming the Instagram stories are just not yet finished live streaming.Instagram is also released it’s lite and I G TV apps though there are several Instagram App tweaks. It should be added previously it’s a bit late but it is now enabled on Instagram.

There are already polls and emojis slider that can be used with the question. But then you aspect is the questions will be open-ended questions. With this feature, your followers’ answers can be as long buffered as they want them to stay.



I think Instagram New Update feature is not available to all users yet, because in my phone it is not there. Let me know from you that if you have in your app.

Basically, its feature will help you to ask and know what’s going on from your followers. Previously YouTubers ask this kind of polls on YouTube to make their next project.



One thing for sure we know that everyone is familiar with the Instagram. Instagram is at the top position from the apps which will have the bad impact on your life.

The researchers said that most of the people at the teenage are addicted to this Instagram and suffering from the addiction problem.

One thing you have to know that as long as you are addicted to social media platforms you cannot learn to be and to fight alone.

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