Huawei becomes Second Largest Smartphone Brand Globally leaving Apple behind

Huawei becomes Second Largest Smartphone Brand Globally leaving Apple behind

Huawei Become Second 

Chinese tech Company is on its unstoppable winning track. The Huawei surpassed Appel in order to become the second largest Smartphone brand Globally. Samsung is in the first place as usual.

As per the Wednesday reports, Huawei surpassed Apple in the second quarter of 2018 where Huawei managed to sell the record number of units.

Samsung had a 20 percent market share, Huawei is with 15 percent market share and Apple is with 11 percent market share. This is the first time in the last 7 years where Apple and Samsung fight for the 1st and 2nd place and Now Huawei sets a record by achieving the 2nd place.

Huawei with its sub-brand Honor mobiles is one of the major reasons for this success. And we know Honor launched Budget smartphones in the first quarter of this year.

Honor has the strong shipment in the market and Honor 9 lite stands the best camera mobile in the 9k price range in India. Honor is now focusing on the South Countries in Asia and we expect a lot more mobiles in the Future.

Honor is going to give the good competition in India too with the budget smartphones. Earlier, Huawei faced failure while the US Strike and later it immediately moves away from its failure.


Samsung shipped 73 Million units and Huawei shipped 54 million units and Apple is with 41 Million units Shipments as per the Singapore-based market research.

Surprisingly, Samsung shipment volumes declined globally and Samsung stands at the second place in the Indian Market.

Samsung will launch a new flagship Galaxy Note 9 soon which may give a counter to its competitors. Xiaomi was on the Fourth spot by 9 Percent market share.

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