How to use Squirrl SEO plugin for your blog optimization copy

How to use Squirrly SEO plugin for your blog optimization

How to use Squirrly SEO plugin

How to use Squirrly SEO plugin : SEO is the first factor when we hear the word ‘Blog success’. If you are a WordPress user then you can find a number of plugins.

Out of all plugins, Yoast SEO and All in One SEO plugins do best jobs and the next famous plugin is Squirrly SEO plugin.

So, How to use Squirrly SEO plugin for your blog optimization which can lead you better results through search traffic.

WordPress plugins will always do their best job in every aspect of development. Plugins are the heart of WordPress which help to build a strong website.

Download and Install plugin


Keyword research

Squirrly plugin will have the feature which can help you to research the keyword and can find a better keyword. It will give the competition and volume of the keywords.

People will go with shoer tail keywords easily and they search for short tail keywords most. So, this plugin will filter all the top keywords war and will give you the clear idea.

You will see a better implement about keywords and the searches while you know the competition to the keyword. Similarly, Google keyword planner will also suggest you the better keywords.



But the best thing about this feature is it will show you the history of hits the keywords created. If your keywords get maximum hits and maximum competition then you may get lower search results.

This will be the problem for only new bloggers.

If you are a blogger with good traffic and famous among search engines then it will better if you use the keyword which has maximum hits.

Free images


There are some websites which will give you the copyright free images for free. But most of the websites need partnership to download the images.

That means you have to create an account to access and to download the free images.

But this plugin will give you the best images related to your keyword.

You have to enter a keyword and then it will provide the images related to the keyword.

You have to select the copyright free images to display on your website.

This is the best thing from this plugin to prevent image piracy.

Remember that you have to use only copyright free images on your website or on your blog. Using someone’s images will make your site duplicate and you may vanish from search engines.



Squirrly provides the best snippet to make edits to your content. You have to remember that you are going to make edits for Google search results snippet.

The snippet contains Title editor, Meta description editor, keywords selectors and links. With this snippet editor, you can edit the title of the content with required characters.

As you can see, you can edit the social media sharing section also. This plugin will allow you to edit the title and description on Facebook and Twitter. And the LinkedIn, Google plus will display the default title and description.


How to use Squirrl SEO plugin for your blog optimization


The title must contain 65-75 characters and the description must be in between 140 to 165 characters. The preview of the title and description will be shown in google search results.

So, the title must be catch and strong. And the good thing about the plugin is it supports more than one keyword to focus. That means you can focus keywords in the Meta description.

#Quick tip: Always focus on a keyword and use it in the title, Meta description and in URL of the content.

This is how you can use SEO by Squirrly WordPress plugin to make your blog SEO friendly. This is highly recommended by famous bloggers.


Final Words

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