How to String a Homelite Weed Eater

How to String a Homelite Weed Eater

Homelite Weed Eater

There is no need to sacrifice on the quality of performance to avail a significant budget. The Homelite weed eater will help you to experience both.

The whole electronic industry is talking about the latest electric products like trimmers of 2-cycle gas produced by Homelite.

You must purchase a product to understand the reason behind such a buzz.

The manufacturers have designed these trimmers in such a way that it is capable of getting started quickly which in turn helps in finishing the work fast.

The method of fixing the string is quite simple and the process goes on systematically if you follow these below-mentioned steps carefully. To see the best cordless weed trimmer visit


1. You must prepare the line first

The line length and width varies from one trimmer to another. It is the type of the trimmer that determines the line. If you buy and use the wrong width and length of the line, then the trimmer will function in the wrong way. You should never do any guesswork as this will only waste your money.

Rather than guessing at the hardware store you must purchase the correct string. If you do not know the exact size line of the trimmer you possess, then you must consider checking it online.

The website of the manufacturer of the trimmer contains detailed information and instructions about the Homelite Weed Eater. If you are not able to get any information online, then get in touch with the customer service team, and they will undoubtedly assist you in gathering the information.

Any wrong usage will not only decrease the efficiency of the trimmer but also can damage the machine. The length up to which you must cut the line varies and is approximately 10 inches to 25 inches. If you are unsure about the length, then keep the sides long as there are scopes to cut it short later.

2. You must remember to turn off the engine of the Homelite Weed Eater

If your trimmer contains a gearbox, then you must ensure that it is cooled down. This way you make sure there are no accidents at your place from the hot machine.


3. You must make sure to remove the cap from the head of the Homelite Weed Eater

You will most probably have to unscrew it by pressing a single tab or in some cases multiple tabs, or some might require a combination of both. The mechanisms are not the same in all trimmers for removing the spool. It depends on the model of the trimmer as to what will be the way of spool removal. The manufacturer sets your trimmer design in such a way that it is intuitive. You must contact the manufacturer of your trimmer if you face problem in figuring it.

4. You must locate the starter hole present in the spool

You have to take the tip of your trimmer and insert it and wind it in the mentioned direction by the arrow. Now you must wrap it in straight and neat rows so that you do not face any jams in the future. Just as you see six inches of the line left, pie it into the retainer to keep it in an exact position.



With passing days and after a certain number of usages even the best quality Homelite Weed Eater will require a new string irrespective of the model. Some people feel this replacement work to be very intimidating, but you can relax as this is a straightforward task and you can do it at home. You will require only a small amount of assistance, and in a short time, you can again start trimming the lawn or garden.

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