Viral Article to Learn How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

Viral Article on Learn How to Earn Money Online Without Investment

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Most of the bloggers share their income and motivate you brilliantly. They do it because you are searching for how to make money online without investment.You can see thousands of bloggers to discuss this topic early years. But the volume of the above keyword has extremely got high and millions of results are shown in Google search page results.

Here are the few tips on how to make money online without investment. First, you have to disagree that you can make money online without investment.Unless you are a famous writer and you can write incredible articles you won’t get any work from online.

And here you have to prove yourself that you can write some amazing content which will attract audience and search engines.Most of the freelancing jobs are based upon article writing, which will improve your boosting quality. But to get a chance from freelancing websites you have to pay it for boosting advertisement.

And even if you are a social media expert then also you have to wait for the correct work for you. The reason why I am telling this is you can’t make money online instantly.You have to work very hard I am sorry you have to work smart in order to earn extra money.

If you decided to give up your career for the blogging then you have to work regularly for your career.


How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

I’m not saying that you can’t make money online, but you can’t make money online without investment. For example, if you go with some best blogging websites in India then you can see that they are earning millions of money per month.

But the fact is they are spending a lot of money and earning a lot of money. To start a blog you have to go with domain purchase and you have to choose the best one.

And you have to Pay some money to register a domain and to purchase hosting. You have to renew it after a year or after 2 years you purchase.

That means you are spending money to keep your website alive and now you are thinking about earning money.

If you registered with the freelancing websites where your work is sincere and if anyone interested in your work they ,will contact you with some money offering.There is nothing impossible if you try and there is nothing possible if you don’t. First you will struggle and then you will earn.

To start a blog be confident with your writing skills and be confident without social media marketing skills.Social media promotion is the best way to reach the correct address and you will increase your reader visibility. And the next thing is maintaining a website is not free of cost so you have to pay it for.

After all this, you can start a blog and then you have to make it search engine friendly. Blogging is not only the way to earn money from this online platform.There are so many other ways by which you can earn some good amount of money without hard work but you need patience.

You are not going to work hard for any moment of time you are just selling your talent. And if someone like your talent skills then they will hire you.


1. eCommerce website

This is a risky but a very fast way to earn money online. I used the term risky because people won’t trust you easily if you are in the new market in the online world.If you have any handmade skills or if you have plenty of old stocks which can resell some good money then you can start a website.

In this website type, you are going to display your items you are selling to the customers and then they will buy it from you.As you know nobody is going to take a second chance if everything is available in an Amazon store, Flipkart, Paytm and so many.

So here you had to struggle a bit if you are selling the same things which can avail on Amazon then you won’t get customers.Even if you are selling the items for a very low price, then also you want to get any Trust from customers. You have to be different and you have to make sure that the items you are selling are available only on your website.


How to Stand

  • E-commerce is an online business way where you can earn money. There are so many eCommerce sites available online which have huge market following.
  • Out of the competition you have to work very hard for your PageRank placements. You have to start with a low price item and you have to place it on your website.
  • Once you started selling the item, people will invest money in your website to purchase the item. If you listed a high priced item then you may not get orders.
  • First, you have to win the customer’s heart and you have to win the visitor’s trust. Once you’re done with your job and then you can start selling books or products online to make money.
  • This is not an easy way to start if you don’t know anything and I won’t recommend this unless you are a marketing user.


2. Affiliate marketing

The top shopping websites like Amazon Flipkart are offering an affiliate program. That means you have to join the affiliate program and you have to place the ads on Amazon on your website.If someone purchases an item from your link then you will get small Commission. The small Commission will be $1 or $200.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn income. If you know how to place ads and where to place ads then you are going to make money soon.If you have a website or YouTube then you have to join the Amazon or Flipkart or whatever the affiliate program you like.

There are so many affiliate programs available online. Go with the research and then join the affiliate programs.For the beginners, Amazon and Flipkart will be the best affiliate network to earn money. Amazon offers various types of commissions to various products just like Flipkart.

The additional thing about the Flipkart is if anyone installs the Flipkart app from your referral link then also you will get money.

Screenshot From


Understanding Interest

First, you should know about the audience you are getting and from where you are getting an audience. If you are getting your maximum audience from the United States then you have to use Amazon affiliate program for the US.The country and their currency will vary from location to location in the Amazon affiliate program. In the Flipkart affiliate program, it’s very easy and simple to use without any confusion.

The another best affiliate marketing program is the CJ affiliate program. This is the first affiliate program in terms of paying commissions.This affiliate program will create affiliate links to any products and you can use them on your website.  Learn how to join CJ affiliate program.


3. Paid Reviews

If you have amazing talent and writing articles that don’t waste your talent. There are so many websites and there are so many sources which will hire your work.You don’t have to wait for a long time and if you publish it is a sample article with your excellent writing skills then you will get emails from websites.

And then you can try it paid articles to websites and paid reviews to websites. This will be the best option if you have the best writing skill and you don’t have to waste it.Just go with the proper research and then find some beautiful jobs of writing. Write the best content about the trendy topic and then publish it on your website.

Once you do the publish then people will look at your work and if they like it they will contact you. The beginning work will be difficult and you have to write for a small amount of money.Once your work got a good response and then you may charge. So many people are earning money like this.

Some bloggers demand $5 to write the paid articles and some demand $50 for the same article with the excellent development of writing skills.And there are some bloggers who charge $100 to $300 dollars if they are the most influential and the famous writers.

If you are a beginner then you have to work for a few dollars in order to earn your first income. If you got the bigger chance then you may charge up to $100 in order to earn your revenue.

Some Famous sites: Vindale, Software Judge, FameBit, Crowdtap and More


4. YouTube

The famous and the easiest way to start a channel and to make money online. No Youtuber can imagine that how much we can earn through the YouTube channel.Whatever the viral content you made videos will give you an amount of money. This is the only way we can earn money without investment if we have viral videos.

You need a lot of patience before starting a channel and you need a lot of dedication once you started the channel.Becoming famous on YouTube is not an easy task you have to work very hard. Out of the millions of channels, you have to be special and you have to show your talent to viewers.

Writing on bags will take so much of time and readers may not show the interest. But listening to YouTube videos and watching YouTube videos is a bit of an easy task than reading articles.So many people started the YouTube career and they give up after some days realising that they couldn’t get subscribers.And YouTube is continuously changing its policy to show ads on your YouTube channel.

Unlike paid articles, this is not a guaranteed work to earn money. If you have the amazing creativity in writing then you can go with paid article writing and if you have the amazing editing skills by showing the viral content then you can go with YouTube.If you can’t write the long content and if you can explain in words then you may record with your smartphone and you can post it on YouTube.

Always remember that whoever the You-tuber is started from the bottom and the subscriber count always starts from 1.We think that only websites and blogs need to do Optimisation but the truth is YouTube also has the SEO. Online is full of spam and fake content and the famous search engines will always filter the original content to show the readers.


Being Genuine

YouTube will never disappoint you if you are a genuine YouTuber. The genuine video posting means giving the original content instead of diverting them which are against Google community policies.You may see that so many YouTubers discuss hacking but they get community strikes. And once you cross the limit of community Strike you are out of YouTube.

Google can suspend your channel anytime without intimating you. Most of the Youtubers say that they deleted the video because of community guidelines or copyright strikes.Everywhere duplicate content and plagiarism will vanish from your hard work and can destroy you. Wherever you are and whatever the work you are doing you should be confident and genuine.

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This is the guide to the truth behind how to earn money online without investment. I hope you understand the article and this is not the article about ways to earn online income.


Coming: I will come up with the 30+ ideas to earn income online if you like this article.

You have to understand that you cannot trust all fraud websites online and you don’t have to waste your time.Stay with this website for the genuine content on how to earn money online without investment. You have to take some risks and you have to be patient.

You don’t have to worry about all the negative things happening now. If you have an amazing talent then no one can destroy you from it.It will take some time but you will get success if you concentrate on that. Most of the students search for how to make money online without investment because they can’t afford to invest.

In this competitive world, you have to be different and you have to strong alone to fight with the world.


Final words

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