9 Essential questions that help you on how to choose best web hosting

choose the best web hosting

Are you looking for the cheapest hosting company? Well, do you know what is the cheapest hosting? It is nothing but putting your site in the risk.

Once you search for this then you will find one million results. So, the question is how to choose the best web hosting service for affordable money.

So, if you are thinking to go with free hosting services and cheap hosting services that mean you are playing with your own site.

You should know that every business needs a budget. Without spending money you can’t grow your business. So, eliminate the word ‘cheapest/free web hosting‘.

If you want to do something large then you have to spend something which will be affordable. Instead of searching free hosting services, have look at powerful hosting providers for small business.

The word here small business means that you are going to spend money for your startup blog. If you are a new blogger and want to launch your website.

Then there are so many hosting providers which will host for you for the best money. So, ask these question to hosting companies before you start.

9 questions on how to choose the best web hosting

Here are the 9 top questions you should ask your hosting providers to know the best results of their services. These questions essentially help you to select any kind of hosting.

1 What is Uptime?
2 What is your security?
3 Do you offer various plans?
4 Will I get free SSL?
5 What’s your Downtime?
6 How is your customer support?
7 Do you provide Backup often?
8 How many shared users are there?
9 What will be the refund period?


Uptime is the time taken to stay up and run the server. Generally, uptime is measured by percentage like ‘99.9%’. So, the hosting providers which provide this uptime are the best hosting companies.

The uptime is the first thing you should notice in every hosting company. You should not accept the uptime with below 99%. Giving 24×7 performance and the powerful server is important. Ask your hosting server about the uptime and then decide.

What kind of uptime do you offer?


Find out what security measures are taken by the hosting providers to keep your site safe. Ask your hosting about how often they scan for malware and virus.

Even your site is new or old, security policies are very important to keep your site safe. Read their security policies before you buy hosting.

How strong is your security?


Ask about the various plans they provide for hosting. Some hosting providers offer various plans and you can upgrade any time whenever you want.

So, while you bought a basic plan and then after getting more visitors than you have to buy an advanced plan. So, the planned upgrade will be simple and affordable. So, before you purchase look at their plans.

How easy is it to upgrade my package?


So, if you know about SSL before you purchase hosting, then you won’t leave it while purchasing the package. In common most of the hosting providers offer.

Don’t think that SSL is only for e-commerce or online business websites. Every website needs SSL certificate to provide the encrypted and secure connection between server and user.

Do you provide SSL in this package?


Downtime is the time where the server is unavailable or the server is down. Downtime is also known as outage duration when the server is failed to show the website. So, no primary action can take place. Read why downtime is bad?

As good you ask about uptime, you should ask about downtime also. So, ask about the corresponding hosting’s downtime record.

What is your downtime history?

Customer support

You can contact other customers about their contact support and live support. You can these questions to experienced users and also you can this at Facebook groups. So, every time you get the problem with the performance you can ask directly through call/email if they support live chat.

How good is your support? 

Back up

Few hosting providers perform backups once a day or more and even less. Back up is very important to save your data. After doing hard work, no one wants to lose their data. So, everyone wants to save their data and site. Backups will occur often in some hosting providers. So, even you are looking for the plugins for backup, you should know about their back up support.

How often do you provide backups?

Shared users

When you are going for shared hosting, then you have to know that your hosting is providing you a shared connection. So, the more no.of users they provide shared hosting the less speed you will get. So, ask about the strength of the people who are using their shared hosting service.

How many customers are with you?


You are purchased the hosting and later you are not happy with the results within few days. SO, then you have to cancel the payment. Some hosting providers will offer 45 days refund and some offer 30 days refund. You have to ask about the period of refund policy in case you didn’t like their services.

What if I am not happy with your service?

Also, have a look at Host Gator web hosting review after 2 Months, Is it good for hosting?

So choosing the right hosting will increase your growth in people. It will also increase your site speed and performance without downtime.

Ask these questions(plus if you have any) to host providers and then you can decide what type of hosting to choose.


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