how bloggers make money

How bloggers make $1000 without AdSense (Simple Guide)

How Bloggers Make Money

You have a excellent blog but your AdSense application is rejected. Many new bloggers face this situation. But How bloggers make money without AdSense?

Is your blog has an excellent layout?

Do you have enough posts?

Are you driving good traffic?

If your answers are ‘yes‘ then you may get AdSense approval. Sometimes you may not get AdSense approval to show ads on your blog. There are so many reasons why you may get rejected by AdSense.

Even you are dined from showing AdSense ads on your blog. You may earn money through your blogging. There are so many bloggers who are earning money without Google Adsense.


How bloggers make money?

Usually, most of the bloggers want to earn readers first and they want to earn money. But some bloggers run their blog only for money. They choose to blog as the job to earn money. In both the cases, you may succeed or you may fail.

First, bloggers apply for AdSense. Once it is accepted then bloggers show ads on their blogs to earn clicks. AdSense is the only way to earn money through clicks with the highest commission. If you are getting traffic from US and UK then you may earn more money than regular.

AdSense pay you for clicks. It is the best CPC and CPM network now. There are so may PPC and PPM ad networks but AdSense tops the list.

If you click on Google Ads then they will pay for Ad publishers. This is how AdSense work for blogging. Even medium level bloggers are earning $$$ per month.

What if your AdSense rejected?

There are so many people who are earning a good amount of money without the Google AdSense network.

There are so many Google AdSense alternatives which will pay you for advertising. But the problem is, the revenue rent with the ad networks is low when compared to the Google AdSense network.

In the beginning, the ad networks will pay you very low revenue through clicks and actions. But if you have a bulk amount of visitors then you may earn fair income through the ad networks.

You can’t make a good amount of money only through AdSense but you can make a fair amount of money. To earn extra income you have to become an affiliate member. Affiliate marketing is the best AdSense alternative to earn.

You may earn money only through actions with Affiliate Marketing. But once you started growing your business and visitors than even one action may pay you a good amount of money.

The bloggers and websites owners are running a very good amount of money through affiliate marketing.

To become a pro in affiliate marketing you have to follow some particular rules which will affect your earnings. If you have a good amount of traffic and you are trusted by them then they will purchase the products which you refer. This is how you can earn money with Affiliate Marketing.


Money through direct ads/sales

You can earn money through direct ads by contacting me Agencies or advertisers. You have to contact companies and then show your blog statistics to attract them.

Explain the reason why you want to sell their ads and how it will get clicked. But you have to make contact with those companies whose ads are relevant to your niche.

After contacting the companies place ads on your blog to make money. You can use some plugins to maintain the ads on your blog or website.

Selling through direct ads works better than the Google AdSense. The reason is Google AdSense needs good clicks and actions to give you money.

The click-through rates will also vary with the time and place. So this is the reason why direct ads work better than Google AdSense.


Placing too many Ads

You can make good money with the affiliate marketing and sell direct ads. Don’t apply for too many ad networks and don’t place too many ads on your blog.

You won’t get revenue but you will lose visitors and readers. Place very few ads on your IG even your first goal is making money. Once you gain visitors then you can make money.


Final words

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