The story of Honor 9 Lite Gaming Experience has just gone viral

The Story of Honor 9 Lite Gaming Experience has just gone Viral

Honor 9 Lite Gaming review

Honor 9 Lite Gaming review : Nowadays everyone is looking for you beautiful budget smartphone with best features. People are looking for the best mid-range smartphone with perfect features.

A good smartphone camera is Hard to come by the budget segment and also a good gaming experience camera is hard to find.

The Chinese brand is slowly entering the Indian market to explore its business.

Before going to the Story of Honor 9 Lite Gaming review let’s see some important features of honor 9 Lite smartphone. The honor 9 lite enters the market with just 10,999/- Indian rupees.

The smartphone reminds us a lot of the honor 8 which was the company’s flagship. The display of the smartphone is Full HD measuring 6.56 inches with 18:9 aspect ratio.

To test the gaming experience of the mobile I Played 4 heavy games yesterday. The gaming experience of the smartphone is excellent and worthy.

If you check the temperature of the smartphone before starting a game then it will show 19 to 22 degrees centigrade. While playing, the game control sensors in the smartphone are very good and very sensitive to use.

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1. Asphalt Extreme



You cannot see any frame drop while playing the game in the first minutes of playing. Asphalt extreme is a very heavy game and you cannot see any frame drop throughout the game.

One you started the game then you will notice the smoothness of mobile and you enjoy it.

Even after you finish the game the mobile temperature increased to 23 degrees centigrade which is very normal.


2. Asphalt 8



Once I finished the first game then I opened Asphalt 8. The Asphalt 8 is a very heavy game you know and after playing a few minutes I noticed a little frame drop which is negligible.

You can see the amazing graphics experience while you’re playing the games. And after playing the second game immediately then I noticed that temperature rises up to 28 degrees centigrade.

The Game is very heavy but the gaming experience is very cool. Only a little frame drop will disappoint you but it’s okay. This is the only game where you can see the Frame drop.

Now we have to look for another game to notice the complete change.


3. Shadow Fight 3



Once you finished playing the two games continuously then you may feel some little warm on the top side of the mobile. I didn’t notice any frame drop while playing the game but after I finished the game I noticed the temperature of 30° on the back side of the smartphone.

The Shadow Fight is full of graphics and heavy to play. But the display mesmerises you with the bright colours and no Frame drops through the game.


Final words

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