The Best and Free screen recording Softwares for PC you should know

The Best and Free screen recording Softwares for PC you should know

Free screen recording Softwares

Most of the people like to earn money through online without going to a routine office. Most of the people like to earn through blogging or YouTube.

Both of the platforms are trusted platforms. You have to work very hard and you have to gain the audience trust and then you can earn money.

There are so many others freelancing jobs where you can earn a very good amount of money. But in order to become an excellent writer you have to wait for some days and then you can start earning.

If you are a YouTuber then you need to know about these screen recording softwares. The reason why every YouTube must know about Free screen recording Softwares is you have to tell your audience what you are going to do.

If you are a YouTuber who uploads videos about how-to tips, tutorials, and online education classes then you should have these screen recording softwares.


1. Ice Cream Screen Recorder

This software can record your entire screen or the particular area. You can also perform zooming operations while you are recording the video.

With this software, you can shoot video tutorials or conferences or gameplay videos. This is a very simple and easy software you can use now.


  • You can record video in supported formats
  • It will also record your audio
  • And also you can record webcam videos
  • Allow us to draw while capturing the screen
  • Provides shortcuts


  • Free users will get only 5 minutes of video recording
  • Offers limited functionalities in the free version


2. EzVid Video Maker

Download free screen recording softwares which is free for the desktop version. You can record the computer screen with some clicks which will create a high-resolution movie the software allows on-screen drawing and recording specific region.


  • You can auto-save the recorded videos
  • You can create slideshows with the captured videos
  • This software also offers audio recording and webcam recording
  • You can upload the recorded videos directly to the YouTube.


  • It will only support to upload directly to YouTube
  • There will be No customizable settings while you are recording video

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3. OBS Studio

This is the best and Free screen recording Softwares for capturing or streaming games. You can stream the HD videos and you can record the HD videos (there will be no restrictions).

If you are a gamer, then this will be the best video recording software for you. This is an open source software and you are free to use.


  • More user-friendly
  • Lots of customization and settings
  • And this software supports add-ons and plugins
  • The best thing is 100% free.

Final words

It depends on you to choose one of the screen recording software from the list. There are so many other software’s which provide free screen recording features.But among all the Free screen recording Softwares these are easy to setup and completely free to use. In my case, I use ice cream video recording software but the only downside with the software is you can record up to 5 minutes only. OBC studio is open source and has many features. But you have to understand the OBC setup first which is complicated for beginners.

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