Fancy and Technology

Creative Fancy & Technology in Education

Fancy & Technology in Education

Kolkata, the city of joy, is also a place for many renowned institutions and universities. University of Calcutta is one of the oldest universities in India and is also known for its high standard of education. The high standard of education ensures a student to gain the best possible knowledge to compete with others.

But, in today’s highly competitive market space, only traditional teaching is not enough. The learners need to gain knowledge and abilities in various other (related or unrelated) extra curricular, which tends to give them an edge over the challengers. This is where the involvement of technology in education is constantly proving to be beneficial to boost the learnings.



The efficiency of Colleges – Fancy & Technology

The top B.Tech Colleges in Kolkata, namely Institute of Engineering & Management, Heritage Institute of Technology, Jadavpur University, Narula Institute of Technology, etc. have accepted and implemented the marriage of education and technology in their reputed institutions. This gives the educators, the new ways to connect with students and using their individual needs and wants to guide the specific instructions. The gap between the students and the pedagogues also tend to decrease, thus resulting in a deeper connection between the two parties, ultimately resulting to make the students more interested and inclined towards study and subject matters. Most of the colleges re-design the classrooms in such a way to encounter more deeper & student-centered learning that are more flexible, mobile, active and at the same time, fun.

Beneficial courses for the future

To talk about courses which are beneficial for the students in the long run, one to be suggested is definitely Bachelor in Design or B.Des Course, without any doubt. B.Des is a fashion and interior design course for the undergraduates. To enumerate, fashion design is the education of the creation of original and unique designs in apparels, footwear, jewellery, etc. This study of the creating authentic designs involve converting the artistic talent & creativity to make the products mentioned above. Students who pursue this course also studies the ever-changing trends in the fashion industry and market. The duration for this course is 4 years. Students who pursue this course, can further pursue master’s degree and research degrees, one after the another. This particular course, besides satisfying the creative fantasies and materialistic needs of the people, also promises glamour, success, fame and high packages to the students, who really stand out during the course.


The use of Technology

This Bachelor in Design is such a course, where all the persons related to this (Students, Professors, etc.) need to keep themselves updated with the changing fashion trends. Technology has made this easier, as today, any person can stay updated to any subject matter with the touch of few buttons. Technology continue to prepare students for the real world and workforce, perhaps which would not have been possible to this extent, had we only depended on the traditional pedagogy. Technology apart from keeping the persons updated and enhanced, also encourages them. Also, the use of technology tools in education, has enabled various project-based learning and small-group instruction, which has fostered team work and collaboration among the students and peers.

Opportunities in the field of Tech

Due to the increasing use of technology, the number of jobs in the field of computer science are expected to proliferate in the next several years. It is the reason why there is a need for students to learn coding and programming skills, which have proven and will continue to reinforce the problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking skills. Advancements in technology can further drive more innovative ways to enhance teaching. As of now, the online learning and the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are the top trends in education. Though the rural areas face the weighty issue of Digital equity, we can hope that the Digital India initiative will erase this gap between the methods of study at Rural and Urban areas, at the earliest.


Final Words

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