end-to-end encryption

Loopholes moved or closed in end-to-end-encryption


End-to-End Encryption – what is it?

It is a mode of dependable data security solution for quick messaging apps like WhatsApp.

The objective is to create a protected layer where no one except for the sender/receiver could see the message.

The process of encryption makes sure your data remains encoded and gets decoded only to allotted respective user.


Is the loophole just moved or closed?

The basic mode of end-to-end encryption raises a lot of questions. For example, if you are in need of resetting your password, the histories of chat wouldn’t be available any longer, anymore. Due to the encryption algorithms, your chat history stays encrypted where the keys are arranged from former passwords that aren’t decrypted with any other keys. This is a dependable point as even the app server has supported the chat histories that were encrypted

This problem is currently being addressed by letting users to create a backup of their chat conversations on cloud storage accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive etc. Since there exist a lot of 3rd party storage options, the security overall is quite similar to the external services which is more problematic for organisations that have confidential data and privacy of such data is what they need the most.


How can you activate end-to-end encryption?

Turning this feature on is not a difficult task as all you need to do is tap on the information page or the profile that would tell you the status of your encryption including calls and chats. Doing so would provide you the message that confirms whether your message are encrypted or not. You can also verify it by yourself by opening a chat and tapping the name of the contact. Simply tap on the ‘encryption’ where you would find a QR code that can be scanned to identify the status of encryption being on or off for chats.


According to WhatsApp, they have made a statement that declared their ability of sorting time stamp and date information connected messages delivered successfully along with any other information which may seem fit to be collected. Hence, now you know that even if your data or chats are encrypted in conversations and aren’t stored on the servers of WhatsApp, can be accessed by WhatsApp as needed. Even the government officials can make requests of giving up information on any person or individual as ordered.


Is it useful?

When you use WhatsApp, the process of encryption applies almost everywhere. For example, messages, videos, photos, files, audios, voice messages, etc. would be covered in it. Hence, no one except from your friend or you would be able to see, access, and alter them. It’s a lot safe that not having any mode of encryption but considering it totally safe isn’t a good option.

Points to grab

The basic idea of end-to-end encryption software’s is quite useful and is in demand at the moment. It has the ability to make your conversations inaccessible to the unauthorised viewers who have no legitimate right to access your data. But that doesn’t mean you’re in good hands as they might be a possibility for them to be having access to your data through the back door. It is possible as nobody is above the law and if law asks such companies to give up the data, they have less or no chine of denying them. But, that’s a rare option and odds aren’t in your favour that some officials would be after your data if you’re clean. Hence, such type of encryption software would suit just fine to you with a few limitations to bear.


Final Words

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