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Crenova RD1000 Trail Camera ” Complete Review”

Crenova RD1000 Trail Camera – Game Camera

Game Camera are used for various purposes like for hunting, home security etc. It has become one of the most important tools for hunters. Trail Cameras are used for capturing each and every moment and to record every move of wildlife. With the help of trail cameras, you can capture even that image or can record that video which you can’t do from your cellphones, your normal cameras or from your CCTV.  Crenova RD1000 Trail Camera is one of the most satisfying choices of the users.

Before investing your money in anything I would like you to know everything about any product. I personally do not want you to invest money in the product which is not useful. That is why I have one of the best trail cameras as a suggestion for you. This game camera is not only affordable but also has perfect features. If you are using the trail camera for the very first time then I think Crenova RD1000 Trail Camera is perfect for you.

But If you want to update it then our site offers other 2018 best models also. You can check them. Our site only suggests you the best products. Below you will get the complete description of the product. Before wasting a single second I would like you to have a look at its features so that you can also choose a perfect product for you.


Some Satisfying Features of Crenova RD1000 Trail Camera

Clear Photos And Videos: Crenova RD1000 Trail Camera has a 12-megapixel camera which will snap the perfect photos for you. You can have a clear image of each and every moment captured by it.

You will have the bright colored photos at the daytime but black and white at night. captures up to 3 photos per detection. Every model offers the different number of clicks per detection and Crenova RD1000 Trail Camera offers three photos per detection. You can have 3 images per moment and I should be enough for anyone.

This game camera records 1080p HD videos with the clear sound. It offers clear video with audio recording.


Angle View And Speed Of Crenova RD1000 Trail Camera

1. 120 Degree angle:

 This trail camera has a 120-degree wide angle lens which will capture each and every corner. With this feature available you can have clear images of every corner. You can mount your camera anywhere. And because of its 120-degree wide angle lens, it can capture each and every corner for you from there only.


2. Trigger Speed:

 You can never miss any shot because of its trigger speed. The central PIR sensor has a faster trigger speed of o.6 seconds. And the side PIR function down the trigger speed to 0.2 seconds. This feature will guarantee you not to miss any shot. You can have clear clicks within no time.

LEDs And Flash Of Crenova RD1000 Trail Camera

The camera has a fully automatic IR filter with 940NM upgraded infrared LEDs. With this feature, you can have a great picture quality.

Some cameras have such a bright light that they frighten the animals during taking pictures. But Crenova RD1000 Trail Camera does not produce a flashlight that can scare the animals while taking their snaps.


Perfect Designing And Versatility Of Crenova RD1000 Trail Camera


1. Versatile Tool:

 The multiple recordings of this game camera make it a versatile tool. It has a mode of multiple recordings: Interval Recording, Time-Lapse, Timer password protection, Timestamp and low battery alarm.


2. Camera Designing:

 Its IP56 waterproof designing makes it even more attractive. This feature makes it an absolute tool for outdoor applications. You do not need to worry about its working in the rainy season. It will work the same in rainy as well as dry seasons.

Apart from its waterproof designing what makes it even more attractive is the cover design. It is designed in a way that when it will be mounted on a tree it cannot be identified. This is the best feature any game camera should have.



1. Perfect Designing

2. 120 Degree wide angle lens

3. Versatile model

4. Infrared flash

5. 12 megapixels camera

6. Click every corner from any angle


Final Words About Crenova RD1000 Trail Camera

As I said in the introduction that our site only suggests best for the readers. I hope after this article and knowing about this game camera completely you will understand what is good for you and what is not. I would only say that you will never get a complaint about this model. If you still have a doubt then you can check the reviews which will surely satisfy your expectations.

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