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How Much Does It Cost to Run an Instagram Contest?

Run an Instagram Contest

Instagram can put your business in the mess. This site is un-doubtfully very effective, however to promote the business efficiently, there can be some hurdles. The ability of users for posting the links is little and it is not easy to share the content.

Well, yes, user can put one link in his bio, and if he gets enough amount of followers on his business page, he is able to use the link in the stories, but these stories live only for one day. you can join the conversations only by using hashtags, or by tagging others.


Oh and the ads. You should know that Instagram wants the payment form you for ads.
Such issues make this platform both amazing and difficult. Even if there exists a large amount of advertising budget, a lot of the success depends on the amount of effort and time which you dedicate for grinding out the videos and pictures and along with that, engagement with users.

Making content is hard and can be expensive. Accessing photographers, videographers, artists, influencers and writer can come at the premium.

But, what if you get the users for creating content on your profile?
Yes, it is possible.

You can use the contest for creating the high level of engagement on the Instagram which gets hard to duplicate unless you seem interested in the ads. in the same moment, you may be gathering loads of the content which can run your business.

Now as you have got it that how people can enter through contests, let’s have a look at the particular prices linked with the Instagram Contest.


1. Web Development

You can start with the highly important cost. Not each contest will need the customized web development. You don’t always desire of running the video or photo contest, sometimes all you desire of collecting contact info. However, if you need to organise an engaging and unique contest, you probably would be needing some customized web development.
Moreover, if you desire to do promotion of the contest out of Instagram, you will be needing a platform where all the submissions are collected. Otherwise you would be searching for manual work pulling each submission together, and this creates an unfriendly environment for users. If you want to run a unique contest, be prepared for paying at least some thousand dollars for having that built.


2. Web Designing

You will require a person who is fluent at CSS and HTML for designing the artistic elements of the contest. They will usually require to have an ability of handling Photoshop also. For a freelancing web designer, the charges will be between $50 to $100 each hour. The number of hours required for designing the website varies depending on the complications of the contest, but you will be looking for few hundred dollars at least.

3. Domain registration

If you own a website already, this must be also covered in your budget. If you don’t own any website, or you require anything particular for the Instagram Contest, then you will need to register the domain via third party product. There are a lot of services which provide domain registration, and their costs vary. But, if the domain of your choice isn’t gotten, then this cost for registering the domain will range from 0 to $15 each year. If domain of your choice is gotten, but, the cost will rely on the present owner’s demand of price.


4. Hosting

The domain registration and hosting usually go parallel to each other. You can get famous hosting services such as DreamHost or GoDaddy for registering your domain and then host your web. The pricing range for web hosting generally starts from $8 per month, but it may exceed to $100.


5. Ads

It is usually the best idea to spend money on few ads for the contest. The organic access is very strong, however Instagram ads offer targeting tools for helping to gain exposure and you can also Best Smm reseller panel for this.
Ads on Instagram can cost $4 each click on average in the America. There are few factors on which this cost depends, like,

• Region in which your targeted audience is
• Placement of ad
• Age of your targeted audience
• Time of the year
• Gender of your targeted audience
• Days of week

There exist some other factors like type of bid, quality of the ad and the field you want to compete in.


6. Time

Time doesn’t serve as the main consideration always, but it can be very important. for running the business, your time gets disbursed in different directions. If you own employees, time which is spent on single project can be shared with other projects too. For faster delivery of the project, it is better to overlook employees.


Final words

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