Hunting Crossbow

Tips for Buying Hunting Crossbow – Crossbow for Dear Hunting

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 Hunting Crossbow

Crossbows are a popular choice weapon among amateur and professional hunters. Many hunters prefer them over guns and other armory. To make hunting an enjoyable and successful experience, the hunter needs to have a good crossbow. It can be tricky to evaluate and purchase crossbows among the many options available in the market. This article provides important considerations for purchasing the hunting crossbow.


Tips for Buying Hunting Crossbow

There are many factors which the potential buyers can consider before purchasing a hunting crossbow. Some of the most important factors worth considering for making the purchase are provided below:


1. Purpose of Buying

It is important for the buyers to be clear on the purpose of purchasing the hunting crossbow. The requirements will be different depending on whether the crossbow is meant for target shooting or hunting.  The features like speed, crossbow weight, and draw weight will not make much difference if the purpose if target shooting, but they can make significant difference in hunting situations. Thus, clearly understanding the purpose of purchasing the hunting crossbow is a prerequisite for shortlisting and buying an effective crossbow.


2. Researching the Manufacturers

The buyers should do thorough research on the manufacturers. Each manufacturer is different and it is important to feel the crossbow and use it for understanding its quality and build. Using the hunting crossbow physically helps buyers understand the quality, ease of handling and comfort in using the weapon.


3. Researching the Local Laws

Some states have specific laws on scope of crossbow, red dot sights, draw weights, cocking mechanism etc. Few states also have regulations limiting or banning the discharge and usage of crossbows within the city limits. The buyers should determine the purpose and usage of the crossbows and whether the model being considered or the accessories are legal in their areas.


4. Size of the User

Most hunting crossbow are meant for use by average user ranging in height from 5’6” to 5’8”. A small sized user will find it difficult to bring the crossbow into a cocking position. A small sized user should opt for a smaller sized crossbow. Small sized users should also not consider buying crossbows with higher draw weight as they will face difficulty in using it effectively. A crossbow which does not fit with one’s stature properly will result in inaccurate shots and disappointing results.

5. Consider the Budget

hunting crossbow price ranges vary widely based on their quality. Basic entry-level model can start from $400. A high-end model which leads to precision and high performance can cost in excess of $2500. The higher the budget the better features one can get. It is recommended to still use and get a feel of the crossbows within the budget and then finalise on the model to be bought.


6. Speed

The speed of the hunting crossbows typically varies from 260 Frames Per Second (FPS) to 400 FPS. Buyers have a common misconception that faster speed is better. This is not always the case. A slower crossbow is generally better for hunting as faster crossbows have high noise and recoil. Faster crossbows also wear down faster and as a result, have lesser lifespan.


7. Weight of Crossbow

The weight of the hunting crossbow is important while evaluating it. Higher the weight the lower the manoeuvrability of the crossbow. Lighter crossbows are generally more compact and easy to carry along and maneuver. A heavier crossbow is ideal for hunting when the shooter does not have to move around much. On the other hand, a light crossbow is recommended when the shooter needs to move around quite a lot when hunting or lacks the physical strength. 


8. Draw Weight

Draw weight is the amount of force needed to pull the bow. It is measured in pounds. The draw weight varies with the type of crossbow. Some crossbows can have draw weights of up to 200 pounds. An average hunting crossbow has a draw weight between 75 pounds to 125 pounds. Higher draw weight is better but it depends on the physical strength of the shooter also. The buyers should check with their local laws also as some states do not allow draw strength in excess of 175.


9. Noise

Noise is a very important factor which can decide the outcome of the hunting expedition. The quieter crossbows are usually expensive and the users have to pay a price for it. The re-curve crossbows are quieter than compound or reverse draw crossbows. The buyers can look for string suppressor system and limb vibration dampeners to reduce the noise of the crossbow. 


10. Warranty on hunting crossbow

Before making the purchase, the buyers should verify if the seller is the authorised dealer for the brand. Crossbows purchased from authorised dealers only are eligible for manufacturer’s warranty. The buyers should fully evaluate the terms of the warranty like the year of warranty, is the warranty on entire hunting crossbow or specific components etc.    



The buyers should evaluate the above-mentioned factors for purchasing the hunting crossbow. A well-researched purchase will meet the buyer’s expectations and will also provide better results in hunting expeditions. If need more info, please visit!

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