Charitable A free Donation plugin which can do brilliant Work

Charitable – A free Donation plugin which can do brilliant Work

Best Donation Plugin

Donations are a great way to reward someone or encouraging them to keep their work. Most of the people who are doing the massive business need financial support to develop the business worldwide.

Then there are some people from the Non-profit organizations who raise fund for the social activities.

These people need money to develop the organization which will help the social responsibility.

All the fund seekers cannot reach you through direct communication or in the direct way to accept donations from you.

Apart from the Government support, they need to build the career through their hard work and own talent. If we can support them by giving credits or money to develop the organization.

Most of the organizations and charities are faking people and that’s why people would not like to give the donations.

But, some people providing the full details of the expenses through the websites. If you are serious about getting money for your work to develop your business or to spread your business across worldwide you need to accept donations.

Once you have a website you need to install some fundraising plugins. Here is the article comes with one of the best donation plugins for WordPress.

Learn how to develop a powerful website by using WordPress in or less than 15 minutes. The plugin is known as “Charitable” WordPress plugin which is free to download and install.

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Charitable plugin

Charitable is the donation plugin that gives you everything you need to start accepting donations. The plugin is free and you can use it very easily after installing and activating the plugin.

The plugin is designed to integrate easily with the WordPress and allows you to accept donations by creating the powerful fundraising campaigns on your website.

This plugin has both the free and premium version and the free version has unlimited actions. You can create unlimited campaigns from this plugin.

You can also create time-sensitive campaigns which will end automatically when they are finished. It has some amazing designs, themes, and customizable donation forms.

The plugin will also provide the suggested amount and allow people to donate as much as they want. It was an easy payment set up and you can add your Paypal address.

If you have created the large campaign then you will have the option to make it on a separate page or on the same page. The plugin is developed because to help the non-profitable organizations by using the website donation forms.

So this is the better way by which we can raise some funds to help the non-profitable organizations.

It will also have the integration with some newsletter forms like MailChimp, Mailpoet, and Campaign Monitor.


Installation and Settings

Download and activate this donation plugin from the WordPress plugin directory. The plugin is compatible with almost all WordPress themes and it is developer friendly.

You can access the settings through the WordPress Dashboard. After you click on charitable settings then you will reach the plugin basic settings page which will show you the startup guide.

If you are not created anything and not done with the basic settings then it will show you to do that. Here I completed the general settings and I successfully created the first campaign.

A# General Settings

In the basic General settings, you will have an option to set your basic location details. You have to select your country and then your currency.

Even if you are in the US and if you want to accept the payments in the Indian Rupee format then you can select Indian rupee. Or if you want to accept the donations in the dollars then you have to select the American Dollars here.

Next, you have to select the currency format the currency format will have the basic currency displaying vision.

You will choose the option to display a currency by using currency symbol left or right to the selected amount.


#B Donation Form

In the donation form settings page, you will have the option to select placement of donation form. Once you selected where to display your donation form whether on the same page or on the separate page.

You have to select the login page for the users who want to donate funds for your campaign. By default, it will be the WordPress registration page and WordPress login page and you can set it as default.


#C Payment Settings

In the payment settings, you have to choose the payment options from the donors. You can enable the payment method by offline or you can enable the payment by PayPal method.

If you enable the offline payment method then you will have to provide the bank details of the acceptor.

If you enable the PayPal method then uses will pay you through PayPal. With the latest version of the plugin, you can also enable the payment option through PayUMoney.

Creating your first campaign

Once you are done with all General and payment settings now you have to create your first campaign.

You have to add the new campaign by going to the charitable campaign settings. Creating your first campaign will be exciting and you have to make the perfect title and description.

This is just like crowdfunding campaign. For the better results and better donations, you have to explain the full details of your campaign.

Why you choose the campaign and why you are going to raise the funds. Once you are done with the campaign details and now you are ready to make it visible.

Just create a beautiful title and then describe the purpose of the campaign and select the end date.

If you want to run the campaign all over the days then you can leave the end date field. That means your campaign is not going to end until you want to turn it off.

Don’t make the description very short. You have to use particular images or videos to boost up the campaign.

Once the visitor reached your website and you have to attract them to give the donations. There are so many people who will donate the money to help the non-profitable organizations.

If you are seeking the money for social service then you can make it clear by explaining to the visitors. If they like your work and Idea then they will provide you the best.

This is how you can create your first campaign by using this plugin. You will have the number of options in this plugin and this is how your campaign will look.


Final words

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