CBSE orders to conduct re-exam due to paper leak, students protest

The decison on CBSE paper leak upsets students Very Badly 1

Students all over the country are terribly upset after they got news about CBSE paper leak. And now students are facing their Worst Nightmare with the CBSE decision of conducting the re-examination.

CBSE orders that the class XII economics and class X maths papers are touching the students again. Earlier we had the news about the leak of class XII economics and class X maths papers.

This is definitely the government failure and also the department failure which is going to put the pressure on students.

Across cities from Bangalore to Chennai and Kolkata to Bhopal and others, students are fatal that they will have to attend the exams once more. The sad thing about this is the paper leak is limited to Delhi region but students across all cities are going to attend the examinations once again.

Today, students and parents combined in several cities to protest against the CBSE decision. And also they are fighting about this issue in social media platforms slamming the board’s decision. On Wednesday the CBSE is decided to take care of the paper leak and for this issue, they decided to conduct examinations once again.

They also said that the re-examination is compulsory and the details will be available on the CBSE official website within a week.

Several papers of class XII like accountancy, biology economics, chemistry, and English are leaked. Within few minutes after the paper leak, the papers are travel across the WhatsApp.


Here is the reaction of some students after the CBSE orders

I am very disappointed to prepare again and sit for the exam when it had gone really well as it was an easy paper.

Within hours of the examination, students who were relaxing found themselves facing bad situation because of CBSE’s turn.

It is high time CBSE got it act and it is unfair to ask students to sit for the exam for no fault of theirs.

Teachers are also equally disappointed after the news from CBSE and a day of hard work had come to catch.

It is disgusting to write an exam all over again. We didn’t expect station immediately after the exam and exam is unfair for us because the leak was in Delhi- Chennai Students.

Parents and students are joined together and they said that the board should think again with the decision. Because it will be unfair on children who didn’t commit anything if the board goes with its decision. One thing we are sure nobody is happy with the decision except those who performed very bad due to some bad situations.

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