12 Best SEO Blogs 2018 will Make you an SEO and Marketing Expert

12 Best SEO Blogs 2018 will Make you an SEO and Marketing Expert

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Do you want to start a career in SEO?

Do you like to rank your blog in Search Engines?

And you are not confident about Search Engine Optimization.

If yes, now you are going to see some brilliant and amazing SEO Blogs which will teach you search Engine Optimization.

You have to learn SEO if you want to become an SEO expert. Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing and we have to focus on it.

Here are some amazing SEO Blogs  where you can learn SEO with the help of SEO tools like Ahref , Semrush , SECockpit, SmallSeoTools  and can become an SEO expert .

If you are a marketer or a website owner you must have the SEO skills. Latest SEO updates and topics will teach you a lot to improve your blogging career.


1. Search Engine Land

This is the most popular and successful SEO website which covers the latest trends in expert analysis. It will also teach you how to guides and tips.

This blog is always the first to break the ice even use and you will find all your test your doubts here.

The name itself says it is the land of search engine topics. While comparing the best blogs about SEO we can’t rank according to their content.

It’s up to you to choose the best SEO blog and it will be useful if you follow more than two or three blogs to know everything about Search Engine Optimisation.

Because the SEO topic is not water in the cup but it is the topic of an ocean.


2. Search Engine Watch

This is another important SEO blog on ton internet. It covers all the news and is published frequently. If you want to get success in SEO then you must follow these blogs in order to learn something new every day.

This website cares about visitors to share blog post which will help with marketing strategies.

You will find 30 articles per month but believe me those 30 articles will make you Pro if you follow daily. It’s not about the following only one Blog if you want to get updated when you have to follow many blogs.

No one can perfectly describe Search Engine Optimisation because it is the algorithm so it will change frequently.

3. Search Engine Journal

This is also one of the most popular SEO websites that focus on guest posts. It covers the latest happenings you can call it as trends. This website focus on SEO and content marketing brilliantly.

It discusses social media paid search and online marketing strategies. The blog publishes 5 to 10 new posts on daily basis.

More than 1 million Monthly traffic search engine journal is also listed in best SEO blogs. This blog will teach you with 130 articles per month which are very great to read.

The best thing about these search engine blogs is they are beautiful to look.


4. The Moz blog

If you have searched for SEO tips then you definitely find this blog. Is one of the most famous and popular Search Engine Optimization blog which tells you about the latest SEO Trends.

This will also cover every topic involved in Search Engine Optimisation and you can also use its toolbar.

This three letter domain is not only cute but also it is vast. What not you will find everything about Optimization and that too in the first result of the first page.

The reason why Google listed this blog as the top SEO blog is because of its deep explanation.

You will find everything about Search Engine Optimization and the best thing about this is you will enjoy the infographics.

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5. Hubspot

This is also one of the most rated SEO blogs that are known for the unique way of writing. Highlight thing about this blog is it produces the maximum articles which help in content marketing development.

The beginners can also understand the blog’s writing easily. This blog helps you to find SEO and covers most of the topics in web design and sales department.

This is one of the most rated SEO blogs to learn SEO. The HubSpot will also generate titles which are SEO friendly for you. So this is the best thing about this blog where most of the people like to use the tool.

6. Yoast

This is a user-friendly essay that is providing a very good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. Also covers site analysis, Social Media, and conversion rate Optimization.

This is a WordPress Optimization plugin which allows you to add titles and meta description on your posts. This site has very large information on how to use SEO and optimize your website.


7. Gotch SEO

Gotch SEO is a great tool where we can learn about not only SEO but also about SEO tools. It has the depth articles for beginners to understand the concept completely.

I highly recommend going with this blog to know how SEO works exactly.


8. Copyblogger

The copy blogger is one of the perfect SEO blogs for you if you want to learn SEO skills. This blog is a wonderful SEO source and teaching blog.

The site focuses on copywriting and giving friendly content. This is the best-educating website which will lead you to drive the real traffic. It will provide a wonderful library of seminars e-books and forums for free.


9. KISSmetrics

The kissmetrics blog founded by Neil Patel who is the digital marketing expert. He has depth knowledge of Search Engine Optimization.

This blog helps in analyzing and optimizing your website which contains some SEO techniques. It is an SEO Encyclopaedia where you can find everything about SEO on your blog.

10. Quick Sprout

This is also the blog which is founded by Neil Patel and this blog provides a lot of information on traffic and analytics.

This blog is unique and different from others which deals with some practical tips that are effective. The way of teaching by the marketing expert Neil Patel is amazing on this blog.

You will learn the basics of writing capabilities and monitization techniques.


11. SEO Hacker

SEO Hacker is one of the best SEO guides on each and every tip of the SEO world. Best insight about Search Engine Optimization and rank tracking tools.

It will help you to increase your return visitors and mo Search traffic. If you Want to learn something new ideas in the Search Engine Optimization world then you should try this blog.


12. Backlinks

Did you ever search for the best SEO techniques?

Yah! Did you ever search for free backlinks generation?

Did you ever search about page building?

If you do then you must know this man who is an SEO expert.

This is probably the best and the famous one author SEO which deals with everything in Search Engine Optimisation. You will find the better results in the following him and you will know that his techniques really work.

This is one of my favorite SEO blogs on the internet. Brian Dean is head of this amazing blog. He discusses practical tips which work better in order to get the real traffic.

The website layout and the way of explaining are very easy which is quite impressive. This is the fastest growing SEO blog and you will learn a lot.

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