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Buyer’s guide for 4 Best Projector For Gaming-2018

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Best Projector For Gaming

In this article, you will come to know about the projectors which are widely used for gaming purpose in the year 2018.

We are almost sure that after reading this article you would like to replace on of these projectors with your usual television set, or other movie projectors which occupy most of the place in your living room. Let’s start!




1. Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2040

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2040The first ranker of gaming projector for the year 2018 is from Epson which is the famous Japanese manufacturer of electronic equipment from the year 1942.This company has produced infinite number of projectors till now. The gaming projector, Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2040 it is an affordable projector which is best to be used for home cinema as it is depicted from the name of the projector itself. This project tor is light in weight, compact and its design is very comfortable for the eyes.



1. This projector supports the 1080p resolution and incorporates the 3LCD technology because of which the rainbow relic is depicted less on the projectors which are very common to be viewed in other projectors. The brightness of 2200lumens makes this projector best for a living room as the picture can be viewed perfectly even the supply of light is average. It also supports the projection of 3d.

2. The connectivity’s of this projector are 1x composite RCA, 1x USB type A, 2x HDMI, 2x RCA, and 1x VGA.

3. Home Cinema 2040 envisages the HD streaming directly to devices which are enabled with MHL.

4. 5w speakers are also inbuilt in this projector.



1. It is a big headache if you don’t get the required accessories with the projector when you are spending a right amount for it, but as this projector is one of the cheapest projectors with the 3d technology, so you have to buy the 3d glasses separately.

2. Mostly the inbuilt speakers are not a good idea, and this fact is same for this projector as well. Being the timid speakers, it can only transmit power till 5 watts only. So if you are looking for a projector which portrays excellent picture with best sound effects, then you have to try some other projector from Alienware black friday deal.



2. Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5040Ube

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5040UbeAnother best projector for gaming from the lap of Epson is commendable in respect of the performances and its attributes.The gaming projector PowerLite Home Cinema 5040Ube is a beautiful device which can suffice the needs of the emerging users. Its design is same as the commonly available models for house cinemas, i.e., grey and white coloring, edges are round, both the cooling and aesthetic usages by the grilles. Its USP is that this projector is the first 4k 1.wireless projector worldwide.



1. It supports the 1080p resolution, though it uses the Epson’s enhancement of 4k technology to upgrade full HD resolution into a UHD. Its contrast ratio is superb which is 1.000.000:1, the rating of brightness which is 2500 lumens and also supports the HDR. All these features allow this projector to deliver bright images irrespective of the light available in the room.

2. The inputs which are incorporated by this projector:- an Ethernet port, 1x HDCP 2.2 and 1x HDCP 1.4, 1 Mini USB port, a VGA port, one RS-232c port and ), 2 USB ports.



1. The cost of this best projector for gaming is $3000 which makes it very expensive to be bought by all the game lovers, but if you have bought it and can utilize all its attributes, then the cost is worth paying.

2. The weight of Home Cinema 5040Ube is around 11kgs or 24.7 pounds which makes it very heavy to be placed in your living room as it is huge as well. So if you want to shift this projector from your living to bedroom, then you will be facing lots of problems.

3. Optoma HD142X

Optoma HD142XOptoma which is a budding company intercepted in the year 2002 which produces ear buds, projectors and many more. We have their best projector for gaming is our lists their projects are updated and made from the high quality. Optoma HD 142X this best projector for gaming belongs from the range of Optoma manufactured projectors which are designed mainly for gaming purpose. The look may not be attractive, but its features are fantastic.



1. The picture quality of this best projector for gaming is excellent as it delivers 1080p pictures which are uncompressed. Wirelessly it can stream 3d configurations. This best projector for gaming is incorporated with a specific feature due to which the response time is increased, and every detail is presented accurately. There are 3000 lumens due to which the imaged are delivered with immense brightness.

2. It can be connected to HD 142X which is incorporated with 2 HDMI 1.4a clampers, 3.5 mm audio connector lastly the USB of A port type. There are fewer connectors in this best projector for gaming as it is solely manufactured centering gaming only.

3. The HD 142X encompasses a timid 10 watts inbuilt speakers like another best projector for gaming. The sound quality is not superb, but yes you can use such system occasionally if you want to.

4. There are few accessories which are given along the best projector for gaming, for instance, 3d glasses, the ceiling climbers, etc.



1. The only drawback of this best projector for gaming is that its inbuilt speakers are not great and does not produce impressive sound quality which is accepted from such a costly gaming projector. If you desire to experience a high-quality sound, then you have to buy the speakers additionally or go for a gaming projector with better speakers.


4. ViewSonic PRO7827HD

ViewSonic PRO7827HDView Sonic is an American and Taiwanese company which was established in the year 1987. It specializes in manufacturing visual centrifugal products and technologies which encompasses television sets, PCs, and projectors.

The View Sonic PRO7827HD Rec.709 is an excellent best projector for gaming with advanced technology from the range of gaming projectors already manufactured by View sonic. The remarkable transition is the change of the color of the exterior from white to black; the design is intact. But you can view the changes in its operations.



1. 1080p resolution for Full HD is supported by this projector, and the advanced version of this gaming projector delivers excellent vibrant and bright images. The contract is outstanding, and 2200 lumens depict the brightness of the images even in the less light rooms.

2. The gaming projector PRO7827HD encompasses with numerous connectivities. Initially, there are 3 HDMI ports – 2 of these are enabled with MHL. Secondly, it has S-Video, VGA, Composite and Component inputs. Finally, 1-3.5 mm audio navigator, one jack- microphone of 3.5, Port- type A USB and small USB.1 VGA and one 3.5mm audio as its outputs.

3. This gaming projector also has an inbuilt speaker of 10 watts which is excellent but the only concern is that it cannot bear the low toned sound.



1. The response time is the most significant issue with PRO7827 HD when quick motioned shots are displayed. It is very annoying for gamers who love to play fast track games.


Final words

We hope that this article will be helpful for all the gamers who want to invest their money in buying the best gaming projectors in the year 2018. So just choose the one which is best for you after scrutinising it integrate.

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