Here is the US's first Android Go phone ZTE Tempo Go for $80

Here is the US’s first Android Go phone ZTE Tempo Go for $80

ZTE Tempo Go

ZTE Tempo Go : ZTE is running fast in this competitive world and it will be the first company to release the first US’s Android Go smartphone. Two weeks ago, Alcatel announced that they are releasing 1X soon but ZTE had the tempo go listed.

Just after the announcement, it just went unavailable. But today it will be the great news because you can finally get the mobile and it is only $79.99.

Android Go is a lighter weight optimized operating version of Android which is decided for low-end hardware. The version is launched in December actually and since then all mobile lovers are waiting for the phones running with this version.



Since it is the lighter version of Android we can see only a few improved specifications with the basic version of Android smartphone. The processor would be 1.1 Quad-core Qualcomm processor and also we can get a 5-inch display.

The RAM is very poor which is 1 GB variant and we will geta 5 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera. The internal storage is 8 GB and also we can expand the external memory with MicroSD card. The smartphone is powered by the 2200 mAh battery and the software is Android Go.

We know that the processor Qualcomm 210 isn’t most popular and Powerful SoC but for $80, is ok not to complain. And also it is running with the Android Oreo Go version which is the latest version of Android releases. And as we know the Android Go is optimized for the let’s performance and you can impress with its capabilities.

The ZTE tempo Go is not a flagship from the company and it cannot compete with the latest flagships. And for this price, we can’t compare this device with other flagship smartphones.

The smartphone is good enough and it has a decent hardware software which is at its best with the price. You have to compromise with the Google assistant and some other modern benefits in the smartphone. But for those who are asking for a strict budget, you cannot ask for more than this device.


Final Words

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