5 Things you should be aware before you buy a Smartphone

Most of the people facing little issues while buying a smartphone. Smartphones nowadays become a part i.e, an integral part of our life. In India, we have more smartphones than toilets. So, smartphones are the market killers every-time.

All mobile brands giving their best to reach customer by giving more offers and low prices. Well, most of the people are confused to buy a smartphone. Some got stuck with the camera, some with battery and some with storage of the Mobile.

So here are few things which you should consider before you buy a smartphone.

1. Performance 

Performance should the first factor before you buy a smartphone. A good processor can lead your mobile to a good performance. So choosing a good processor can lead you to the good in performing browsing and games.

In a mobile, the combination of chip-set and CPU is called a SoC (system on chip). There are so many processors available they are Qualcomm snapdragon, Intel Atom and Core M processors, Nvidia Tegra, MediaTek, HiSillicon and Samsung Exynos.

You can check the full list of mobile processor types here. But Qualcomm snapdragon processor is the fastest processor we have which comes first in the market with the 1GHz speed.

2. Battery

Battery is also the considerable factor before you buy a smartphone. We can’t carry charger/Power bank everywhere, so it’s better to buy a good battery mobile.

Most of the mobiles come with 3000 mAh battery which is sufficient to a normal user, but to a heavy user and gamer, I will recommend 4000 mAh battery in the budget. So, 4000 mAh can last a whole day. So basic battery capacity should be 3000 mAh.


3. RAM & ROM

Even they ofer very good RAM, the majority part of RAM taken by OS to run and by some other heavy apps. So, RAM should be atleast 3GB before you buy a smartphone.

Even if you buy a phone with 3GB RAM, you may have to face problems if you allow lot apps and games to run. So, it will hang. You have to follow some simple tips to stop your phone from hanging. 

4. Camera

Having more Mega pixels doesn’t mean that camera will give the best output. So, It depends upon a lot of factors like aperture, focus, depth of lens etc.

A 16Mp can do better than a 21MP camera and a 12 MP camera may do a better performance than a 16MP camera. It depends upon some aspects not only on Mega-pixels. But having more megapixels can give you the larger pixel size and pixel ratio.

5. Price 

Last in the list, but first in consideration. We search for budget smartphones they are some mobiles which are budget smartphones like Lenovo K6 Power and Redmi note 4.

you can read Lenovo K6 Power review after 2 Months of use here and you can read the mobile review after 100 days of use with full depth in the review. Redmi note 4 has the very good features under 10000/- but K6 Power has better camera. So, like this consider all aspects before you buy a smartphone and then you can be more happy with the decision you made.

So, these are the factors you should consider before you buy a smartphone from online/offline stores. Look for the best and go with the best 🙂


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