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5 Best Google AdSense alternatives to earn (with fast approval)

Most of the new bloggers give up their blogging career after they rejected by Google Adsense to show Ads on the blog. Why? They can look for some best AdSense. alternatives.

Isn’t it?


You can go with some good and best AdSense alternatives to earn income which will approve your request fast.

If you are looking for some serious but simple AdSense programs which will work for you irrespective of content, traffic, and design of the blog you have.

The reason why I am listing these alternatives is, they work better for even small blogs only if you have patience. People who want to start making money online. You choose to blog as a career, it is good but you should have patience.



Why AdSense alternatives?

The reason why bloggers choose AdSense is for the highest click-through rates. If you are getting traffic from US and UK countries then you can earn good revenue.

The click rates and action rates may vary from country to country and time to time. But it is a good option to earn money through blogging.

When most of the bloggers apply for AdSense, only few will get approval. The reasons why AdSense may reject you are

  • Copied content
  • Bad layout
  • Too many images & videos
  • Insufficient content
  • Not having “About us”, privacy policy etc etc….

There are so many reasons why AdSense will reject your application. Whatever the reason you have to clear all the policies against AdSense and re-apply for AdSense.

You don’t have to worry about AdSense rejection. There are so many ways to earn money without AdSense. Even most of the top bloggers earning money without AdSense. If you have creativity and patience, then no can stop you from earning money.

Now you are going to see some top and best AdSense alternatives which can earn money for you with the ads. These may not get the highest revenue but these are the fastest approval AdSense alternatives.

1. Infolinks

Infolinks is one of the top ad networks which will give you a good amount of clicks and actions. The reason why I listed top is It is a bit different from other advertising networks. it is an in-text advertising program which shows ads in Text format. 

Infolinks doesn’t take more space to show ads and it shows some pop-up ads. Infolinks shows slider ads on your website which can be denied on the user basis. 

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Infolinks shows four types of Ads

  • InText ads
  • InFrame Ads
  • InFold ads
  • InTag ads

All these ad types are little different and they overcome the banner ads. The looks are not up to the mark but they are good to show ads.

The infolinks ads or quite famous and we can see the ads on some websites. You can get instant approval and even start placing the ads on your website. You can earn good amount of money if you are driving heavy traffic. The Click-through rates are quite good and you can get a good CPC.

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2. Viglink

This is the completely different Ad networking sites from others. This ad network will convert any type of links to an affiliate link. And it will work as the affiliate link. 

If someone purchase through your Viglink ‘link’ then you will get commissions. It works for only action sales. If someone purchases through your link then you will get commissions as per their commission rates. 

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The Ad types you can see 

  • Affiliate types (you can insert in texts or can link to images)

The ad types are affiliate types so you have to create your own text format or banner type images to link. You can attract the visitors with your images linking the affiliate links you get from Viglinks. 

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3. Chitika

The next Google AdSense alternative is ‘Chitika’. If your AdSense application is being rejected then no need to worry about that. You can make money through Chitika even without submitting your application.

You don’t have to give your website details. Just sign up for Chitika and then you can place ads on your blog. 

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The types of Ads

  • Mobile Ads
  • Banner type Ads
  • Leaderboard Ads
  • Rectangular and half-page banners

The Chitika Ads are good looking and professional banners to display. The downside of the ad types of is you cannot show manual ads on the blog. 

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4. Revenue hits

Revenue hits also work well as an AdSense alternative. For beginners, it will work better if your blog is entertainment niche. Because these ads will work better for Music, entertainment type websites. 

You will get the fast approval from revenue hits to your blog. The good thing about the network is you can place the maximum type of ads. 

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The Ad types are

  • Banner Ads
  • Footer Ads
  • Button type (158×21)
  • Pop under
  • Shadow Ads

The ads we see from revenue hits are cheap in look. The ads are not professional in looks and they may look cheap if your website has great content. 

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5. Propeller Ads

Propeller ad network is U.K based ad network type. It will pay you or its CPM will work after 1000 impressions you got. If you have traffic from U.S, Canada, UK, and Australia then it will work great for you. 

The majority of the visitors should be from US and UK countries to get good revenue. 

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PopAds will show the ad types of 

  • Pop under ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Layer Ads
  • Slider Ads

Finally, The Propeller Ads will work better for adult content sites and downloading sites or entertainment sites. Most of the people suggest Propeller as one of the AdSense alternatives. 

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These ad networks will work better if you have good traffic and even if you are a beginner with good creativity. Do not panic if your AdSense is rejected, just go through some good Ad networks and publish ads on your website. 


Final words

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