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3 Simple Facebook tricks to increase blog traffic at the top most level

Use these simple Facebook tricks to increase blog traffic heavier than before.

People know that Facebook is the largest audience network in the global. All the bloggers use social media platforms to drive traffic from these social media platforms.

You don’t need to pay the amount for these simple methods.

As a new blogger, I know how bloggers get traffic harder nowadays.

The reason why Facebook can drive more traffic is people get to engage with this platform.

Paying for traffic is not at all a bad idea but you can’t get long terms results with it.

The real traffic and the search engine traffic are in your hand to make actions.

Once you are good at getting some real traffic then you have to focus on social media to prove your blog is alive.

People join groups and like pages to know some serious tips about blogging and WordPress.

This is the reason why beginner bloggers concentrate on social media first and SEO next. This is the good thing if you need real traffic.

Now let us see those Facebook tricks to increase blog traffic

  • Facebook groups
  • Facebook pages
  • Comments on groups & pages
  • Facebook boost (paid)

Facebook groups

The most discussed feature in Facebook is groups. You can get the maximum response from Facebook groups.

All you have to do is, join facebook groups.

First, find the relevant Facebook groups and then join them sending requests. Once you got approved from Admins/moderators to join the group, then you can post.

Make sure that the groups will allow you to post or not.

No matter your post is published directly or your request went through admin approval.

If your shared content has good information and quality content then you may get engaged.

The lot you shared in groups the more you get clicks. This will increase your Facebook followers and blog followers too.

You won’t get high engagement unless you shared the content in groups always. It will be better to share your post in groups regularly. Facebook scheduling can keep your readers engaged with your content.

4 Simple Facebook tricks to increase blog traffic at the top most level

The people will get engage with your post but the number of clicks you will receive is low. If you need more clicks on the shares then you have to share on as many groups as you can.

But, before doing this remember that joining in too many groups a day will ban you from accessing some features.

So, you have to follow some instructions before joining and sharing in groups. Facebook will have some strict rules to stop you.

Facebook pages

The blogging and WordPress related pages have already occupied the space in Facebook. You can check the top bloggers facebook pages community statistics.

The two ways you can increase blog traffic is

  • Creating your own page
  • Posting/commenting on other page’s

You need a facebook recognition to get automatic facebook clicks. Even you have thousands of followers on your Facebook page the estimating engagement will be low.

The images will work better than the direct link sharing. You can see the difference if you have an own page.

Create page: At the time you start blog or website you have to create an own Facebook page by the name of your website.

Every Facebook page will start with ‘0’ likes at the time of beginning. So, never get disappointed with your results. Just connect your website to the page then the posts will automatically share on your page.

Post on a famous page: Search some famous pages which are related to your niche. If you find an option to share your views on their timeline then share your links.

If you post the links on the Facebook pages regularly then the page may block you. But, before the thing happens, make sure that you posted the best post link on their timeline.

This will directly be seen by the page followers on Facebook. That’s how you can get clicks and page views with simple sharing.

Comments on Groups and Pages

Nowadays when you join in particular groups like ‘share your blog post‘ and others. You can share your blog links for some clicks. Admins will ask you to comment on groups to comment on your blog.

4 Simple Facebook tricks to increase blog traffic at the top most level


If you see some groups people ask you to comment your links or drop your website address. Once you comment your website address then you will get some clicks on your blog.

Generally, people ask here to exchange the clicks and views. If it is a Facebook page then people will ask you to exchange their likes and comments on pages.

4 Simple Facebook tricks to increase blog traffic at the top most level


All the beginner bloggers who want to earn money in short time will go with these tricks to increase blog traffic. And the similar way you can get Facebook traffic is answering questions in groups.

Generally, people will ask questions and suggestions on blogs. Every new member will ask questions related to the blogs or websites they have.

This will work hard but these are some quick tips to increase any blog traffic. If you need a real traffic then you have to concentrate on SEO.


Final words

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