27 Ultimate SEO tips

27 Ultimate SEO tips that work like a booster (in 2018)

Ultimate SEO tips

Ultimate SEO tips : You will be tired to get real blog traffic. You may have tried all the SEO techniques but you miserably failed. The problem is your unoptimized SEO techniques. Unless you learn some Ultimate SEO tips you can’t decide your blogging career. Here are some 27 Ultimate SEO tips which will increase your blogging traffic.

These will work better and you can notice the change within a few days.

But before going to learn these SEO tips let me tell you that you have to focus on some strategies.

So you have to know some basic on-page SEO tips. As per the reports, bloggers spend 70% of the time to care about on page SEO and remaining 30% of the time will be for off page SEO.



1. Great content

Everyone knows the famous line ‘content is king‘. But what it means? You have to know how to write great content then you will execute the perfect content. Once you have the term ‘perfect content‘ then you will have ‘great readers‘.

There is a thin line between Great content and long content. The quality content is different from the ‘long content’. Write a neat content with great efforts.

Writing the best and the important content will be the first success of your blog. No matter how much traffic you are driving you have to go with the continuous content. You will see the difference if you work regularly and if you can submit articles regularly.

People will go through the best articles only if they like it. And you have to follow the rule and that never makes poor content. There are a lot of bloggers who do the same thing you are doing but you have to be unique.

You have to explore the new things before you are going to publish the content. Make your own time and prepare the timetable and get new ideas.



2. Format

The next thing which will impress your website is ‘layout‘. The format of your content matters for the good SEO. The good format will make you a good blogger. Proper layout of the content, content alignment, subheadings, and paragraphs come under Format.

Using proper images at useful places with good infographics will also a good resemble for the nice format.

27 Ultimate SEO tips


3. Keyword research

Every blogger first goes with keywords research when a blogger wants to focus on SEO. Of course, the first term which comes to our mind when we heard about SEO is a keyword.

But, the problem which we face while we stuck at the point keywords is choosing the keyword. It is not the ‘choosing the keyword‘, it is about ‘choosing the right keyword‘.

There are some free tools for better keywords suggestions, with these tools you can find the better keyword suggestions to use in content.

4. Focus keywords

Keywords are ideas and concepts that define what your content is. The whole content depends on some particular words and those are known as keywords.

In search engine directory these terms are known as search queries. If you search something on search engines then those are called Keywords. As you are a website owner or online business head then you have to know about your audience.

5. Short tail keywords

Before picking keywords we have to know about the short tail and long tail keywords. The keywords which can be called as primary keywords are known as short tail keywords.

The keywords which are one, two & three words are known as short tail keywords. The length makes matters in short tail and long tail keywords.
27 Ultimate SEO tipsThe short tail keywords work better to drive traffic but the competition will be very high. But the short tail keywords will have high competition and high search impacts. If you are driving traffic through search engines then concentrate on short tail keywords.

6. Long tail keywords

The keywords which have more than three words or a phrase are known as long tail keywords. The search terms and search impact will be low for these long tail keywords.

People will search hardly with long tail keywords on search engines. They are not focused hardly and the amount spent on paid keywords will be low.

The volume and conversions of long tail keywords are low. Generally, the entire title can be long tail keywords sometimes if your post title is about 8 to 12 words.

7. Header tags (H1, H2, H3, H4)

The sub-headings which can be known as headers play a major role in driving better SEO. The content breakers are also known as headers.

If your content has more than 300 words then it will be good to add some sub-headings in the middle of the content.

But, be sure that the header tags should have proper content below the sub-headings. The length of the content under sub-headings should be appropriate.

8. Better title

What if I tell you that you can attract 150% more visitors with the title. Yes, it is possible. If you see some viral posts then you will notice the better title.

The viral title can make your post the viral content. No matter what content you have inside, but if you need these clicks to be turned as subscribers then you should have proper content.

9. Permalink

The permalink structure of the post must have the keyword in it. As strong as the title makes an impact on attracting people, the Permalink or URL of the content has an impact on waking up the SEO.

Avoid unnecessary terms and words in the permalink. Use a well-structured permalink which will contain keywords only.

10. Use short URLs

Before making your URL as long as the title, wait a minute that you can make your URL simple & short.

The lengthy URL will be difficult to detect by the search engines so make sure that you have a good length URL.

27 Ultimate SEO tips


11. Meta description

The underneath of the title and a few sentences which can be seen under the title is ‘meta description‘. Use some good length words under the title to get good search traffic.

A meta description is 160 characters snippet which summarizes the whole content. Always use the correct description with keywords involvement. The first paragraph and the meta description may be the same or man not be.

12. Image title tags

The image title tags are nothing but the title and description of the ‘Image‘. Whenever you are going to insert the image you can edit the title of the image.

Make sure that use particular keywords while you edit the title of the image. Always use a nice title for the images. You can paste the direct SEO title as image title.

27 Ultimate SEO tips

13. Proper image Description

While you insert the image into the post the Alt text of the image and description of the image are empty. If you leave this empty then the default tags will be saved.

The image description needs some information about the content to show in image search results. This description will be as same as the content description.

14. Content length

The length of the content should be very informative to read and share. The content length depends on the type of niche you have. If you have a tech blog then your content can be 300 to 800 words.

But if your blog is about tutorials or something then you should maintain at least 700+ words. The maximum words length can be as per your content type.

15. Internal links

Linking to the own website in your posts will increase the link capacity of the blog. If you have excellent content and if you find some content related information then you can insert your own website links.

The internal links will do the better job to increase pageview per visitor and also blog traffic.

16. External links

The external links are links that linked to the some other external site’s content. The external links will not only increase your SEO score but also increases the trust of your readers.

Be sure that you are linking only the existed pages which land on relevant posts. The external links will give a clear idea to search engines about your niche.

17. Proper tags

Most of the people are not sure about this tags but everytime you publish a post you have to add some proper tags. The tags are nothing but phrases your content have.

If you write something great about the content then you have to add some tags which describe your whole content. The tags work like subcategories or sub keywords. So, make sure that you use some relevant and good tags.

27 Ultimate SEO tips


18. Paragraphs

Paragraphs are the collection of some sentences and the first line will be the main point of the content. You must divide your entire content into paragraphs to execute an excellent reading experience.

Never cross the limit of 300 words under a subheading and don’t use more than 80 words in a paragraph until it is important.

19. Keywords – first paragraph

If you are using the plugin called Yoast SEO, then you might know about this. But if you don’t know then let me explain to you.

If you use the focus keywords in the first paragraphs of the content then the chances of getting organic traffic will increase.

All you have to do is use keywords in the first paragraph of the content to optimize your content for search engines.


20. Keywords in headings

The headings are really important to drive traffic from search engines. Some proper H1, H2, H3 and H4 tags can make your content worth searching.

Search engines will keep an eye bout highlighted part of the content like H1 and H2 tags. The thing you have to do is use keywords in particular Header tags.

21. On-site SEO

There are several things which matter in driving search traffic and one of them is On-site SEO. The on-site SEO means the actions you did inside your content.

These on-site SEO tips will make your content optimized for the search engines to recognize. The On-site or on-page SEO techniques which are 70% important in driving the search traffic.

Using the proper keywords and proper format will come under on-site SEO.

22. Off-site SEO

Bloggers spend 30% of the time to concentrate on off-site SEO. There are simple techniques which will work better to build links and to gain followers.

Social media marketing, bookmarking and guest blogging will come under the off-site SEO. Spend some time to do guest blogging and to join in the public forums. Commenting on forums will also improve your backlinks.

23. Fix broken links

The dead links are broken links are the links which are not active or which are dead. Broken links will affect your SEO ranking badly to drive real traffic.

We can also call it as dead links because the links are no more exist. Either the destination pages are removed or removed by the search engines. If the owner deletes some particular page or post, the links will be alive still but the content is dead.

24. Use proper categories

All posts must have some particular point in common. We can call it as categories to add posts.

Check this guy who has multiple categories on his blog and very clear about what the site has. These will decrease the time of readers who want to read some particular topics.

25. Set a 404 error page

Making a clear Error page and linking it to the best content from your site will make readers stay on the site.

If you forgot to fix the broken links then make sure that even your broken links also have some great content. So having too many broken links will affect your search traffic.


26. Optimise for mobile

Every year mobile users are increasing dramatically. People spend more time with the mobiles to gain the knowledge and to stay in touch with the people.

So many websites are not yet fully designed for the mobile experiences. The size of the page and the load time of the site will vary from desktop to the mobile. So, if you are a WordPress user then use proper themes which are mobile responsive.

27. Be patient

SEO takes time to implement and to convince search engines. No blogger got success with overnight. You have to be patient to see the results, depending on the content of SEO techniques you used the changes will take place.

The one thing you have to before spending the time to publish contents and pages on social media. There are some simple techniques to which work better to drive traffic.


Final Words

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