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A 10 step guide to become a pro blogger you can start now

How to become a pro blogger

How to become a pro blogger : Every professional blogger was a new blogger and every new blogger was no blogger. All pro blogger qualities are just experience and way of writing. You will become a pro blogger if you are a continue and serious blogger.

You don’t have to wait till the day you receive a certificate of pro blogger. In fact, no one will give you the title but people will call you if you are a pro.

In this post, I will discuss some important and must follow Blogging tips which will make you a pro from a beginner.

All newbies follow pro bloggers to become pro blogger. But you have to create your own brand then you will become professional with your blogging career.

How all it starts? Let’s see Now those simple tips on how to become a pro blogger.


1. Viral title

A title with the most interesting words an sentence is nothing but a viral title. If you are enough talent in writing to attract people, then you can make some fabulous titles which will convert daily readers into your customers.

You have to give zero chances to the visitors to go out of your website or blog. The more interesting title will catch more people to stay on your blog or website. It’s just like attracting them with the correct content but with the twisted title.

If you don’t know how to make a twisted title and attractive header then you can go with some famous starters to use in the title.

The famous starters are like ‘How to’, ‘Step by step’ etc. It is like explaining everything to the visitors who are ok your website or blog. You have to keep your trust in them.

Some examples of interesting starters,

2 .Keywords

There is nothing which can impact your SEO rank as much as keywords do. As we know keywords are the primary and essential tools to drive real traffic or such a traffic. If the page or post has a good number of keywords then it will be optimized for search engine.

The number of times you used the keyword in your post or page is nothing but keyword density. Keyword density will depend on content size. If your content has more than a thousand words then you have to use the keyword more than 8 times.


3. Be regular

You have to be regular and you should not skip posting updates. Spend time on blogging and then you will write better posts for visitors. Once you have time for blogging then you can understand your visitors and readers.

Then you will know how to write for people. Once you started posting regularly then people automatically follow you.

It not only makes you a pro but also you will increase your followers on social media. Being punctual means keeping your customers up to date on your daily posts.

4. Focus on content

Don’t care about the cons and bad memories you receive at first. Bad memories mean very few views and visitors and average visit duration. A unique content always to has to take some time to make a change.

Even 10 followers will spread your blog if you have unique and good content. Beginners always prefer to go with ease ones. Advanced bloggers will go with advanced blogs to increase their blogging career and marketing career.

5. Attack with a plan

Everything needs a plan to take action. You cannot do such a heavy work without planning and efforts. All you have to do is, make a plan and be ready for the plan.

You are clear about your content and now you have to be in touch with your visitors. This will make you simple in visitors point of view. Being friendly with the visitors is also a good thing to make bigger things.

Make some fixed point to write, edit, preview and to publish. You have to make plans for content updates and social sharing. Spend time to share with social media where people engage with your content.


6. Innovative

Grab people attention and take ideas from your visitors. You have to increase your content writing style if your visitors ask to do.

This is why because you have to write for people not for search engines. The search engines algorithm is changed now and they filter visitors reading interest first.

You can notice changes when you search for something. It always shows you the result of the most visited blog by you. This is why because search engines will save your interest and duration on blogs or websites.

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7. Make promises

Bloggers who make promises to Thier visitors will always have huge respect in media. Your followers love you because how you are and how you can attract them.

The promises will be in ‘second part of the content’. You stated your content with sweet gesture and certain questions from a visitor’s point of view. And then the next part of the content would be ‘promises’.

For example ‘In this post, you can learn this within a few days‘. This is the promise you are making with your visitors. If they satisfied with it then you are safe.


8. Ending

An excellent Beginning and promising paragraphs are good suites for a better result. And also you have to remember that you should say good ‘bye’ at the end of the post.

A better ending always makes a good impression on customers or visitors and then they will have a curiosity about your next post.

If you know ‘coming ups’ while break in daily serials/programs then it is similar to that.


9. Up to date

Never make your visitor bore with your outdated content. If you are posting all the content which already known by customers then why would they choose you?

Isn’t it?

If you are an outdated blogger then who will visit you and who will follow you. It’s that simple.

You cannot attract people with your outdated posts and outdated techniques. Trending posts will always have tending ideas.

So make sure that you are going to make a post which is really trending or up to date.

10. SEO matters (sometimes)

This is not a pro blogger tip if you are just a new blogger. Because if you are a very nee other then you have to concentrate on visitors than SEO. I’m not saying to neglect it but you have to keep the focus on visitors first and then on SEO.

Being friendly with search engines and visitors at the same time is not a hard thing to do. But search engines also love to show the readers content now. This is the good move by search engines.

So these are some blogging tips which will make you pro within a few days. If you need more tips like these then don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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Final Words

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